Paradise, Nevada

Banfield Veterinary Hospital on Eastern Ave Silverado Ranch Las Vegas NV inside PetSmart.


My 16 year old cat had to be put down and I called Banfield to make arrangements. I was quoted $150 for group cremation and $239 for private cremation with ashes returned. I arrived shortly after and chose the group cremation. They checked me in and needless to say I was sad and grieving. As they proceeded, no one there showed any compassion, like robots. When the doctor came in to euthanize I questioned if I was doing the right thing. She snapped back at me saying without examining him she didn't know what was going on but agreed it was his time. Banfields ad said first time visits did get a free exam which was never offered to me. After he was gone I asked if someone would cut some fur as a keepsake, the young lady who did that for me was the only one who showed compassion. They processed the bill and told me it would be $183 and change, I challenged the $150 quote I was given and held them accountable. I paid $155, of that the itemized cost for cremation was $50. I went home called my daughter and she decided she wanted a private cremation and his ashes so she called Banfield to pay the difference... They charged her $185 , more then double the quoted price. The next day I returned to Banfield stating there was a mistake. I was immediately told their charge for private cremation was more expensive then everyone else's and the quote was a mistake. They continued to manipulate the numbers stating the $50 I paid was credited to the higher charge my daughter paid and tried to convince me I got a deal. I told them I had done research as to what the crematory really charged and why they were trying to make a profit and take advantage of me in my grief and I couldn't believe how cruel this was. They put me in a room and sent in another doctor to discuss the situation. As I was explaining to her she stopped listening and began to go on the computer. I stopped her and said this whole situation was unbelievable and cruel. I asked if my cat was still there, she left the room and never returned. I went to the front desk and said I want my cat, a refund for my daughter and the $50 I paid and I would take my dead, FROZEN cat myself to the crematory. I was there well over 1 1/2 hours dealing with this mess. Thankfully I was able to stay in the room so I could compose the upset and anger I was feeling. I asked if they could speed it up because I didn't want to have to keep my cat in my freezer over the weekend because the crematory was closing. Rudely I was told she can't tell them what to do. Eventually they gave $185 refund to my daughter, my frozen cat in a black garbage bag, but then argued I don't get my $50 I paid the day before, for cremation, because they credited my daughters charges. I offered one last chance for them to understand they need to return the $50 I paid for their cremation charge because I had to pay that to the crematory. She said oh I see what you mean that's what we charge for them to pick them up... Still manipulating their charges. I did finally get my refund... No apology... And took my cat, ITTY BITTY, my boy of so many years. I went to the crematory and for $95 received a private cremation, ashes in an urn, a lovely framed clay paw print with a cutting of fur and I was treated with respect, compassion, sympathy and kindness. Since then I have heard of so many peoples horrible experiences. I have researched the reviews given to Banfield veterinary hospitals across the country... HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS ??? DONT EVER GO TO ANY BANFIELD VET!!! RESEARCH THE REVIEWS!!!

PetSmart should dissociate themselves from Banfield and save their reputation.

There are laws that veterinary professionals are required to follow...Often they Don't

You can make arrangements with your local pet crematory, most offer many services and choices for your beloved pet, actually at a lesser cost.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I am so sorry for your loss there is no justification for what those monsters did to you. You have my deepest sympathies.


I am so sorry for your loss.

I was more fortunate another hospital was able to save my beautiful cat after Banfield nearly destroyed him. Now they are attempting to extort an additional 170.06 from me. When *** freezes over!