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You always have a right to go somewhere else. You also have a right to choose what tests are performed.

I have refused certain labs on my dog and cat because I felt they were unnecessary at the time. Banfield offers a wellness plan, kind of like insurance that covers most things. And gives you a discount on the things it does not cover. Skin scrapings are the first thing they do for a dog that is losing fur because of demadex (mange), or a fungal infection.

Then try medicated shampoos for a fungal infection or allergy. Then more labs to determine if it is cushings. They try the least expensive options first. For medications you can always try the cheaper versions.

My dog is suupposed to be on prescription strength sam-e for her liver, we decided to go the natural route with milk thistle, it works... for now... You just sound like someone who would never be happy unless you got a quick fix.

An instant gratification kind of person. But medicine does not work that way, especially if you dont know whats wrong....

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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