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Bandfield are criminals. Do not go there.

You will regret it. I took my cat there because she was breathing heavy. By the time the doc saw us she was breathing and behaving normal again. After the doctor had treated me like a horrible pet owner because i dont brush my cats teeth and its been ages since shes had a checkup, she convinced me to run some tests and get on their wellness plan.

I am a single mom just moved from montana, on a desperately tight budget (on that day) but had alotted 100$ for the emergency visit. They explained if i do the wellness plan i would only have to pay $70 that day and 35 a month thereafter and have access to other treatments should she need them in the future. Also i would be able to cancel the plan at anu time and just owe for the services recieved. I, of course, inquired as to the amount of servicea she would receive that day.

It was right around $140. Sounded like a great deal. 3 months later i get a call from bandfield saying they have not been able to get payment from the credit card i gave them and i am $95 behind and i need to pay in full now. I was shocked that they did not call me sooner to let me know there was a problem.

So i said okay id like to cancel the plan and just pay what i owe. She quoted me owing $455.00!!!! I told her absolutely not and she read to me the tests sugar (my cat) had received. A couple of them i had appproved and a couple o had no recollection of.

As of now there is nothing i can do except pay. They will turn me onto credit collection if i dont and i dont have a reciept. Honestly i dont remember looking at a reciept that day for the tests she got. My memory is not perfect and bein busier than i ever thought possible i dont remember details perfectly, but what i do know is that there is no way in h#@!

I would have approved $455 worth of work for a apparently healthy cat. Further more test/treatments included in the bunch were flea prevention stuff and deworming. She currently has a horrible case of fleas and is so skinny and wobbly she likely has worms. She wont come inside and thia has happened in less than 2 weeks.

So off to a vet today. I hope my sweet cat is okay :-(. I feel like banfield are criminals with their hard sell guilt approach to get pet owners to join the wellness plan and the conartist level of deception with the fee of $455 to which i havr no choice bur to pay. And the only defense i have is a bad review.

When i found out my bill i cried. I felt like i had been robbed. Right in front of me in broad daylight and i have to hand them over my hard earn money and walk away. They are criminals.

Do not go there. You will regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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