Arden-Arcade, California

After keeping my dog for over 5 hours for an exam, I picked him up and they still were not finished with him. They said they would mail me the paperwork and never did.

Supposedly the services he got that day were over $600, so if I want to cancel I have to pay the remains balance on the wellness plan. I did get an email with a survey which I complained, haven't hear back, I have also filed a complaint on their website, as well as BBB and consumer affairs with no luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm assuming that they didn't call you to come pick up, seeing as he wasn't ready. So if they didn't call, why would you go down to pick your pet up?

You do realize that your pet isn't the only pet there right?

There are many other people who drop off for comprehensive exams. Not to mention they have surgeries, sick/injured patients, and they also have appts to see. Pets are dropped off for Comprehensive exams because they tale a little longer than a general check up and there are limited in room appts available. The in room appts are for pets who are sick, injured, just a simple vaccine etc.

The pets who are in for comp exams are taken out by a tech and started (heart rate taken, temp, deworming, bloodwork done if needed etc) and then they are seen by the doctor in between their surgeries, sick pets and appointments.

As for the wellness plan cancellation. If you read the contract you signed, you would see that it clearly states if you cancel before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe, or the services you've already used. Whichever is CHEAPER.

When you sign a 2yr cell phone contract and want to cancel before it's up, they charge a fee.

The wellness plan isn't insurance.

As for not mailing you the paperwork. OMG how terrible! It's the total end of the world! (Heavy sarcasm).

Why don't you call and let them know you haven't received it.

They will re mail it to you. Or you could go in the store and pick it up.


Why did not the vet tech that is so well trained go over the exam with him? I mean since you are so hard working!

If I going to pay six hundred bucks for a dam exam I want a well trained pet nurse explain to me what the results were. Not have them mailed to me. That is why if my vet orders blood work or other tests she offers a free vet check and will explain the result! How about that!

That is how most vet clinics work. called one on one time with the vet. They explain what is wrong or not. Such a novel idea!

Why does Banfield not do that? Oh, that is because they suck. To many appointment, it is all about money, up selling, and not about the well being of the pet. FYI that is why so many vet's at your Mc Banfield misdiagnosed serious illnesses and have surgery complications.

You are always in a hurry.

There is no excuse for that. Especially at the rates you charge.


The Wellness plan has limited service and treatment coverage.

If other services and or treatments are required that are not listed in your Wellness contract. You are responsible to pay any additional non covered plan expenses.

The Wellness plan can not just be canceled. You signed a contract for service and your obligated to pay off any balance due on the Wellness contract whether you use the covered services or not.

Even if your pet passes away. Your obligated to pay off the remainder of the contract in full.


Yup - it is your responsibility to read & understand what you sign, just the same as with any other contract (phone, insurance, mortgage etc etc). Just changing your mind doesn't get you off the hook financially at all, and legally you can get in trouble for refusing to pay.