Brandon, Mississippi
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This place is the biggest *** ripoff company I've ever dealt with. They guilt you into doing unnecessary procedures and selling expensive "prescriptions" to you because "that will help your pet feel better!" It's total BS!!

And their "wellness program" doesn't save you money like they say it does!

Whatever you do, DO NOT go to them no matter what! Find another vet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I worked at Banfield for 6yrs. I'm no longer there.

The 2 doctors I worked with were phenomenal.

They never put anything on the treatment plan that they didn't think the pet truly needed. One time we had an 18yr old kid bring in his brand new pup that he got with his very first paycheck. He hadn't done vaccines but took the pup everywhere with him. he brought him in for vomiting/diarrhea etc.

We tested him for parvo and he was positive. The kid could barely afford the office visit and the test, so obviously he wouldn't be able to afford hospitalization, even at a low cost place (the pup was really sick). So I gave him a free office visit, had him pay what he could and my vet and I took money out of our own pockets to pay for at home treatment.

That's just how my vets were and I miss working with them.

Unfortunately, the higher ups (that don't work in the hospital) treat their employees like ***.

Banfield could be a great company if they changed some things, but they won't ever do that.

However, I do have to say that the wellness plans are actually good. They do save a ton of money and they are helpful for people who can't afford to pay out of pocket for exams, vaccines, dental cleanings etc the day of. We had told of patients at my location who had problems which resulted in them needing to come in all the time.

The wellness plan saved them money on office visits alone. I sincerely hope that you find a new vet that you love


Agreed! I think the vets and assistants are trained to sell, sell, sell!

They say things in a very non-challant, matter of fact way. "We are doing this and this and that today!" And they don't bring up the cost unless you speak up. I bought First Shield Trio (for 4 month) $65 by advice of Dr. When my dog was just 2 doses in, I realized it just wasn't working.

It took me 4 weeks of back and forth calls and visits to Banfield to try to return the unused tubes and to get them to give me a "partial" refund. They tried to make me think I did not do everything needed to eradicate fleas in my home. I did it all! And I told the manager that it's a truly bad business decision that he rather lose a customer (who will talk about the bad service to many others) and who has a health plan with them in order to stand by a product that did not kill any fleas on my dog.

She has now been bathed, is on Frontline flea/tick protection and is no longer scratching.

I will not go back to Banfield in Crystal Lake, IL. and not because First Shield didnt work, but rather because of how they treated me and because they made it so difficult for me to get even some of my money back.