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Banfield pet hospital in the petsmart doesn't tell you they give out your personal information to the city or county that you live in. After paying for the the plan they send your pets information into animal control and you receive a letter stating that you now have to register your pet or be fined. You only have to do this if banfield gives your info out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That sucks! What *** I know they do that put of revenge if a client decides to stop being ripped off.

Your records should be private. Just show they are ***.


If your pet received a rabies vaccination this information must be given to your local animal control department. Some Counties also require your pet to have an additional County license as well depending or your County's animal ownership policies.


By law in certain counties vets have to register that info with the local authorities or they can be fined. If you are being a good owner & following the local pet laws this should not be a problem for you.....if you are being shady and trying to be cheap & not register your pet then that's your fault. FOLLOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS!


Depending on your Counties animal control ordinance's the majority of Counties require dogs to have a county license and or to be registered showing your dog is current on its rabies vaccination. If your dog received a rabies vaccination at Banfield, Banfield is required by law to give that information to your local county animal control.

A dog owner should know as to whether an additional county license for their dog is also required.

Both of these licenses are for your and your pets protection in the event your dog gets lost and its wearing the identification tags on its collar the numbers are registered with the county and helps to get your dog back home to you. Banfield is only following the animal control laws for your pets particular county ordinances.