Diamond Bar, California

I was talked into the wellness plan for my 2 year old dog. I signed up for it very easily at the Banfield vet office.

I, later realized that I no longer needed the plan because my dog is young and very healthy. So in order for me to cancel I had to call the corporate office, which of course let's make it a bit more difficult to cancel. So I call and i had to wait 10 minutes before talking to someone. They guy I spoke with told me he will cancel the plan for me.

I then asked if I was able to get a credit for paying $55 dollars a month for a year and not using it. He told me no. I was quite irritated that I spent all this money on nothing. Was just like throwing it in the trash.

Beware of the wellness plan. I believe Banfield is more about money then they are about your pet.

I will never take my dog to Banfield again. Shame on them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The plan includes bi-annual check ups, vaccines (including rabies which is essential) and regular vaccines. If you did not get this done, you are ignoring a vital part of your dog's well being and, let's call a spade a spade, neglecting lawful vaccinations. Therefore, you don't deserve a refund.

If you had your pet properly treated per the plan, you got what you paid for so why should you get your money back.

A CARING pet owner.


how is this review right on the money? it has nothing to do with the hospital or the service they provided.

its no ones fault but the owners. you cant sign a year contract agreeing to pay for services, never take your pet back to clinic to take advantages of the plan you signed onto and then get upset because they didnt credit you for the money you paid. you dont sign up for car insurance, pay your insurance, and then ask for your money back because you never got into an accident.

shouldve read the contract before you signed it and if they didnt offer a copy you shouldve asked for one.


The Wellness plan is for new puppies and kittens. Why?

the majority of new puppies and kittens are healthy and they really shouldn't have a lot of medical issues. The Wellness plan I believe is around $425.00 a year. Yes it covers office visits and I believe routine spaying and neutering. That's about all it covers the $425.00 is pretty much just an upfront down payment.

Because your going to pay through your nose for everything else with very over inflated prices. i.e. Blood work, X-rays, medications, urine and stool testing, hart worm meds, flea & tick prevention. The Wellness plan is in fact for healthy young pets and really not necessary.

It pet INSURANCE that one should consider NOT A WELLNESS plan that has very limited benefits and coverage. Whereas pet INSURANCE covers a vast range of medical and major medical i.e surgical, blood work, cancer treatments and so on for your pet through its entire lifetime.


This review is right on the money. Banfield is consistently about making money at customer's expense and inconvenience.


How is it their fault that you signed up and didn't use the services?

If you read the contract you signed it you would know it's a 1yr contract and if you cancel before the year is up you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used, whichever is cheaper.

Also, your pet is healthy which is exactly the type of pets who should be on the plan. It's NOT insurance it IS a preventive care package to keep pets healthy.


Maybe you should read a contract before you sign it...


How?! They lie and sell it as pet insurance and do not give you a copy of anything.

Maybe they should be more ethical and honest. Oh, sorry.. It is Banfield, they do not know what integrity is.

What a *** you must be for defending them. You are lucky they did not kill your pet with their great vet services.


I work at Banfield and every single person who signs up, is not only verbally told that it is NOT insurance and told about everything that is on the contract, but they are also given a copy of the contract when they sign. You can also request another copy if you lost your's or disn't receive one.

I have never been to a single banfield where they've presented the plan as insurance.