Greeley, Colorado

Even with the wellness plan they are always trying to charge you for something else. Everyone they lose a doctor they make you come in before you can get prescriptions refilled because "this doctor had not seen your pet" is frustrating and keeps getting worse. The Banfield in Greeley Colorado is a horrible pave to take your pet. Their customer service is horrible. The most recent issue was when I went to pick up a prescription our dog had been on this medication for years and I have always paid the same amount for it but this time with yet another doctor said I was on a price match and need to pay more now. The front desk person said it was in the notes that the doctor told me about this on the last visit I told her that read not true and I wanted to speak to a manager or supervisor she said the manager was out of town she said she could get the main office person, Melissa (don't even get me started on this rude horrible person ) I still said fine so she went back to get her when she came back it was someone else and she just repeated the same thing the other person told me. I told her the doc did not tell me and I also asked her why didn't they tell me when I called the prescription in the day before, I also told hey I didn't even know about the price match for it. So I Paid an extra $13 for the prescription and Alex the first office person if the second person was a doc she said no she is same as her. So not only did she not bring out Melissa but she didn't get me a manager or supervisor either. When I Alex for a doc she said they were to busy to talk to me. She said she would have a doc call me a little later......I'm still waiting. This was just one of many issues with this Banfield. Also the wellness plan is worthless because we do not use even half of the things that come with it and e still end up paying extra EVERYTIME WE TAKE OUR DOGS IN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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