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Banfield's Optimum Wellness Plans are not meant for sick pets, it's strictly preventive care. So if you bring a pet in for an illness, you should expect to have to pay for diagnostics. insurance and OWPs are different.

Also when enrolling on a plan, you are specifically told that it is a 12 month contract. It is also stated if you choose to cancel the LEGAL contract early you are to pay for services rendered or the remaining months. You also sign the contract stating you understand those terms.

each banfield is it's own hospital, with different personalities.. just because you have a bad experience at one hospital doesn't mean you will have a bad experience at any other.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Good try Banfield aka Me. Anyone that would say anything good about these money hungry jerks must be being paid for it. Banfield could care less about your pet and is only interested in your MONEY.


In response to the statement 'each Banfield is it's own hospital, with different personalities'. I'm sorry but this is just wrong.

They are all run by the same company (Mars, the candy company) and are all run to meet the same financial goals. What clients ned to realize is that the people in the actual hospitals are under an intense amount of pressure by managers to meet all these sales goals. Managers who often have littel or no Veterinary experience - all they understand is the bottom line. That is the same for every hospital.

Each hospital is expected to sell a certain percentage of heartworm and flea prevention. Each hospital is under pressure to sell a certain number of Wellness Plans every week. Each Dr is under pressure to have an average APC (Average Patient Charge) of at least $100. Each hospital is under pressure to book a minimum of one pet every 15 mins.

Each hospital is under pressure to staff minimally to keep their 'para-hours' at a pre-set ratio. All these things mean that the faces you may see are different, some may have better personalities than others, but the policies & financial motivations are the same in each hospital.

@ex-banfield manager

Although all of this is true for the first year I worked at one, not once did the train me with the mind set of $$. I was only told how much we should value our clients and pets.

And every hospital is different. I went to one in ny and it's sucked.

I went to one in washington and it was fantastic. Completely different mind set and attitude towards associates and clients.


Maybe they were just better at hiding the financial goals from you by smothering them in their 'corporate speak'?? One famous one they always had us use was that a higher APC meant a better quality of care.

Aka if the you can get the clients to spend more you are a better dr, which was nonsense because most of our better Dr's didn't need to run ALL the tests to get a diagnosis, because they knew which few tests were most important. Sadly the newer dr's bought into it because it made them feel less bad for not knowing as much and needing to run all these scattergun tests to try and figure out what was going on.

I attended many regional meetings where all managers in the state region were given these same goals so I find it hard to believe that it could vary so differently from state to state because these were supposed to be goals being implemented nationwide.


That would be great if the Banfield locations were all honest about that up front, but a lot of them are not. I used to work as a CSC (front desk) at 2 different hospitals and 've heard so many people being told that 'everything' is inlcuded, I've seen people rushed through the paperwork so they dont get time to read the contract and understand what they are agreeing too.

i used to work for other vet hospital as well so I can tell you that Banfields costs in our area (NY) were a lot higher than those of other nearby Nonbanfield hospitals. If you have a plan use Banfield for the vaccines and bloodwork that is included but for anything else I would say talk to another vet because if you do some reserch youll find that Banfield costs for meds or tests not included on the plans are higher than a normal vet. that is how they rip you off and earn so much.

also it is the law that you can alway request a prescription for any meds you pet needs so you can get them much cheaper online. they mark up their meds by several hundred percent but even if they see you have trouble affording it only a few drs that I worked with would be brave and offer to write prescriptons because they all get written up if they arent earning enough profit for the company!!


The Banflield we go to is wonderful.It is located in oak creek wisconsin.They took our very sick cat on a walk in emergency.I credit them with saving her life.We were never even told about a wellness plan but if we were we would choose not to have one and pay as we go.Their prices are reasonable and compairable to other vets.I think what makes them great is the wonderful people working there.After we took our cat there and were talking to other people about my cat i was surprized to find out that that is where they take their cats and dogs.This vet is very good and i strongly recommend them.