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I am familiar with Banfield Hospital in Chattanooga TN and they are great. They car about your dogs and take really good care of them.

However re recently relocated to Mechanicsburg, PA and we can't even get in the see the dr. We paid $700 for a pet health plan that we can't even use unless we drop the dog off and it stays in a cage in the back all day and we pick them up at 6pm. How is this practice comforting to the pet or/and the owner. Who wants to leave their pet in an unfamiliar area.

Plus I had to take her to another facility and pay $219 when I had already paid for this at Banfield through the health plan.

WTF!!!!!!! I am getting an attorney!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I do go to the doctor when I am sick and you do not always know if it is a emergency situation. That is why a vet evaluates and let's you know if it is a emergency or not.

As should a vet. I notice Banfield charges for everything under the sun and then some. Many of their medications are 100 times as expensive if you ordered them online. Not will the vet's write a script for elsewhere.

Obviously they think that their patients are just a large piggy bank. Sorry, but I do not have unlimited funds. l shop at Wal-Mart, but they have decent prices. The local one has great customer service too.

But why would people go to Banfield were their animals are constantly misdiagnosed, they are way over charged, the vet's are right out of school or incompetent, the staff is rude, they chronically over booked, and when you want to use your free visits, good luck. What will you get for your trouble?!

I really hope not a dead pet as some have paid. They almost killed my cat!


Thank you for your review. I will not be trying Banfield after reading your review,as well as other negative reviews.

I had called Banfield, I was considering a puppy plan. I was told I.would have to my puppy, and they would look at him sometime during the day. I have an issue with this. My dog is family.

I would not just leave my child at a doctor's office,and leave so no I will not leave my puppy with strangers either. Thank you for your review.


I feel your pain, I am in Queen Creek AZ, and they always want me to make an appointment, BUT, drop my dogs off early. I will never do this, and I made it clear to them I will never do that.

It just doesn't make sense. What is the purpose of having an appointment? Also, I upgraded to the Dental plan for one of my dogs, the earliest appointment was 7 months out!

Today I am calling to cancel all three dogs, I know this is going to cost me and no doubt be pissed off again.

By reading the reviews, sounds like a class action suite building.


As for dropping off. The comprehensive exams are set as drop off appointments because they take alot more time.

They aren't just like the exams in the rooms. They get bloodwork (if they are due), heartworm test (once a year), fecal exam, deworming, vaccines etc. Whatever they are due for. Then they get a full in depth exam by the doc.

They don't just sit in a kennel all day.

First the tech pulls them out and starts with their exam, a temp, bloodwork, deworming, fecal exam, heartworm test. Then they are put back. Then in between surgeries and in room appts the doctor pulls them out and does his/her in depth exam.

They are given water and taken out to use the restroom. They have blankets or a towel or a bed in their kennel.

You can request in room comprehensive exams. However, you will be there for a couple hours. That's also not fair to sick pets who need to be seen. Especially if you have multiple dogs there for a comp.You are taking up alot of time in the schedule.

As for the dental cleanings.

You do realize you have to drop off for those right? They are usually lined up with one of the comp exams as well.

As for being booked 7mo out. I highly doubt they are booked everyday for 7mo.

Unless they are one of the banfields who only have 2 days during the week that does surgery. Or unless you can only come a certain day, like a weekend. Even then, 7mo Im doubting. I would call and speak with the practice manager.

Also look up other banfield locations near you. As for cancelling. You signed a 1yr contract.

If you cancel before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe, or the services you've already used (at cost. Not with the discount), whichever is cheaper.


I was a veterinarian at Banfield (chief of staff). I used to buy in to the "comprehensive exams take more time" thought process.

Truth is, they don't. I'm able to do a thorough exam, bloodwork, fecal, etc with my clients in private practice without asking hem to drop off.

Banfield truly is the Walmart of veterinary medicine. I couldn't be happier in private practice and would caution anyone to take their pet to a Banfield.


That my point they tell me to come in later. They flat out said they couldn't see my dog with me there.

If they had given an appointment for her emergency I would have went to it. That's my point! The ER said she had an emergency and was dehydrated and had blood leaking from her intestines when they saw her. She got fluids and meds.

My point is under the plan I have unlimited visits. I know I would have to pay for the medicine. That's not a problem. I just want my dogs to be able to see the Vet when they need too.

The people there don't even seem caring.

It was like oh well here's another one. I will not renew!


I'm sorry they didn't seem caring. How's your pet doing now?

They also could've had another emergency there or a few other really sick pets and they may not have been able to get to her right away.

You have to remember that your pet isn't the only pet who gets sick. I'm not standing up for them because I wasn't there and don't work there, but I highly doubt they turned a wellness plan client with an emergency away just because. Alot of clients think their pet is the only sick pet (I'm not saying you. Just my experience at the hospital I work at) and they don't know what is going on in the back.

One night at my hospital, we had an emergency there already and only 1 doc and 1 tech.

One of our other really good clients called with an emergency. I had to send her to an emergency clinic and I gave her my cell # to call ad update me. I ended up meeting her there when I got off work because she was extremely worried about her pet.

It seems like your dog was extremely sick so im glad that you went some where else (even if it was money out of your pocket) and got her treated.

. I know that we've been so slammed we've had to refer to other locations, or emergency hospitals. That's not our fault. With 1 doctor on staff a day, you can only do so much.

I would give the hospital a call and speak with the manager.

Just calmly let her know you are upset with how things were handled etc.

But don't start yelling, even tho I understand you are frustrated and upset.

Is there another location near you that you can try?


Wait, so the EMERGENCY vet said your dog had an EMERGENCY? Well it sounds like you went to the right place, instead of a GP at a preventive care clinic that is booked with appointments.


Do you just walk in to your primary care physician with an emergency?? No, you go to the EMERGENCY ROOM!

Banfield is not an emergency clinic. There are regularly scheduled appts booked for the whole day.That's why they offer drop off your pet can still be seen that day.


If an appointment is made at least a week in advance they should be able to schedule one for you so your pet need not be dropped off for the majority of the day. I know as with many practices Saturdays and a few days prior to and after Holidays are busy. But with an appointment being made well in advance there should not be a problem or reason that both the pet parent and pet to be able to see the vet together.


The Wellness Plan is not a health insurance plan and has very limited coverage. Its for the most part a preventative wellness care plan.

Routine shots i.e. Rabies, DHPP, deworming for puppies, Spaying/Neutering and routine office visit check ups. The plan does not cover blood tests, X-Rays, medications or other surgical procedures. People seem to be signing up for wellness plans offered by Banfield and even private vet clinics however people are not taking the time to fully read and understand just what is and what is not covered by these plans prior to paying the annual fee and signing the contract.

I did the same thing.

The verbal explanation I was given sounded great.

However, in reading the contract after paying and signing on the dotted line was not quite all the comprehensive coverage's I was led to believe verbally. These plans can actually cost a great deal more in the long run considering the initial up front cost of the plan and then adding on all the extra non plan covered additional medical out of pocket expenses one ends up paying.


Actually the wellness plans do come with one set of bloodwork (for the puppy/kitten plans, the bloodwork is the day of the spay/neuter) and two of them come with a dental cleaning that has a second set of bloodwork. The top plan does cover xrays once a year.

Then you get a discount on whatever isn't included..

But you are right, it is a preventive plan not insurance and many people don't get that. Everytime I sign someone up I explain tht. I explain that it auto renews after the year but if you don't want it to, I can give them a # to call. I also tell them if they want to cancel before the year for whatever reason (pet passes away, they give the pet away etcc) they either pay the remainder of the months they owe or the services already used.

I know alot of people get upset when That happens and their pet passes away.

But it's not insurance, they aren't paying for things they haven't used. I explain it like a cellphone contract.

I'm up front wth my clients. I see no reason to hide it.

We've had a few complaints but way less than some other hospitals.

My clients also trust me and they trust our docs. We have quite a few people that drive over an hour to come to our location even tho there's a few closer to them.


I understand how the contract works. I read it as I have a BA degree so I am not ***.

However the visit would have been free. With the pet plan you get as many visits as needed during the year. One thing I want folks to understand is that there were 3 doctors on staff at the time. The lobby was not packed because we drive by there and went in.

They had 4 techs working that day. My dog had an emergency where she couldn't stop popping at all. It was running out like water. How could they not see her?

Also how am I expected to leave her with her being sick and being in an unfamiliar surrounding would further stress her. You as a parent wouldn't leave your child alone? Or would you? I wouldn't.

My dogs are small 4 and 5 pounds. What kind of person would I be if I left her! We would have waited to be seen.

We waited 3 hours at the emergency room. There were other options and I was not given those!


I wish we had 3 docs! We only ever have 1.

That does seem a little weird that with 3 docs, they couldn't fit you in other than a drop off.

But they did offer a drop off. Which means, she could have been seen there but you declined that. So really, it isn't their fault you went somewhere else. Even with 3 docs, there could have been a doc in surgery and multiple other sick/injured/emergent pets in the back.

People don't see what goes on in the back. They think "lobby/rooms are empty they aren't busy".

Like I said, the pets are pulled out multiple times. I'm not sure why so many people are afraid of letting their pets be in a kennel. I bring my pets to work with me when they need something and they sit there through my 6-8hr shift.

The kennels are roomy. We put blankets or towels or beds (if we have any donated) in there, along with water and take them out to use the restroom (healthy pets anyway). If they use the restroom in the kennel they are immediately moved to a diff one or moved out so we can clean it. If we notice a pet, especially a sick one, is getting too stressed, we see them immediatEly so they can go home.

But a majority of the time, people who think their pet will get extremely stressed being there with ppl they don't know, the pet is perfectly fine. Worrying about your pet who's sick, being dropped off somewhere that you don't know yet is normal. But you have to be able to trust them. Sure, there's bad vets out there but a majority of them truly care about your pet and their well being and wouldn't do anything to hurt them.

Vets get so much *** talked on them when they don't deserve it. It's mostly by people who read something on the internet and by people who don't understand all that vets truly do.

Like I said, I'm not making excuses for them.

Just trying to get you to see the other side of things.

If at my vet office we see 20-35 pets a day with 1 doc, I can only imagine how many pets they see and surgeries they have a day. We do a max of 4-5 surgeries a day with 1 doc.


I'm sorry that you are frustrated.

I'm not sure how long you had been trying to get in, or how far in advance they are booked.

However, around this time of the year with the holidays, vet offices are extremely busy. Especially banfield since they are open 7 days a week and longer hours than most regular vets. Around this time of the year it's extremely busy because of people feeding their pets human holiday meals, feeding bones that got stuck, pets get into things etc. There are a lot of illnesses, injuries and emergencies.

I've worked at a vet clinic for almost 6yrs and the holidays are the absolute craziest times.

It seems tho, they tried to get your pet in to be seen by offering a drop off.

We have pets drop off all the time for numerous reasons.1. Because the appt slots are booked but we still want to be able to see your pet. 2. Because the owner has to work or run errands.

3. If they are sick, it gives us an opportunity to observe them and gives time to run the necessary tests needed, which can take time.

They don't just sit there all day with no attention paid to them. A vet tech takes them out and does their temp, heart rate and checks them over to see if they see anything that is concerning that the doctor needs to be made aware of. Then in between surgeries and appointments the doc does the exam.

Then if tests/treatment are needed the pet is taken out again for that. They get water in their kennels (no food unless the owner brings it. Feeding a diff food can can cause diarrhea. Or if the pet is hospitalized we try to feed a bland prescription diet) and if the pet is going to be there for hours, we take them out to use the restroom.

You have to remember that most if the time there is only 1 doctor working that day and they generally see between 20-35 patients a day.

Then there is usually only 2 techs in the morning, one mid shift and 2 techs closing. You can request to speak with the doctor when you pick up and they should be able to tell you the best time. I can tell you now that getting a lawyer will be a waste of money on your end. They offered you to drop the pet off to be seen because their in room appt slots were full.

So they tried to see your pet but you didn't want to drop off. You chose to go elsewhere VS dropping off. I understand your frustration. I know it's hard to trust someone that you don't know yet, with your fur baby.

I'm extremely picky when it comes to who's allowed to groom and work on my pets haha What I would do is give them a call and speak with the practice manager or the chief of staff. Calmly and nicely explain your frustrations. If you are still unhappy after speaking with them, see if there's another location near you.

I know by me, there's probably about 4 or 5 within 15min. I truly hope that your pet is feeling better and that it was nothing serious.

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