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I cannot be done with this *** service soon enough. I fell for the *** USELESS puppy wellness plan that pretty much only covers the sterilization of my dog.

Don't miss an appointment or they well charge you an additional fee for a shot that was supposed to be included in my plan that I'm paying for monthly! He's been enrolled in the *** plan that i pay for monthly only to be seen 5 times out of the year! I'm so confused as to why I'm paying $40 a month. Not to mention every time I call to make an appointment the staff is extremely rude and short, they never have any appointments, always put me on hold.

Once I get to his appointment they have us wait 10-15 minutes before we can even be seen!

I'm counting down the days until my contract is over. And definitely looking for some place more convienant and less expensive and more useful than this *** waste of space.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Have you ever been to doctors office? Waiting 10-15 minutes isn't unusual.


This is a big box vet care business. Banfield over books appointments and as far as costs Banfield has the highest prices for services that I've found.

Spaying and neutering in excess of $400.00 I'm sorry folks these surgical services can be found at local spay neuter clinics for about $100.00 or less. Even local private vet's only charge between $250.00 to $350.00 depending on the dogs age and overall health.

Banfields mark up on vaccines, medications and flea & tick products are priced two to three times higher then other suppliers who carry the exact same products.


You should probably look into the surgical and anesthetic procedures for these cheaper clinics. Banfield surgeries are more expensive, but they require pre op bloodwork, IV catheter, intubation, and monitoring with minimum ECG, blood pressure, spO2, temp, and etco2.

That's much different than a drug directly in the vein to knock them out, no intubation, no monitoring, no post op pain meds, etc.


That is not true. Inexpensive teenage nurses monitor the sprays and usually perform the teeth cleanings!

How safe is that! They do not even hire vet techs! My vet has prior experience with exotic big cats, shelter animals, and she charges 125, ,blood work is 50, the 125 includes the pain meds! So there are plenty of places that give quality spay and neuter services without charging a arm and a leg.

I have read lots of stories of inexperienced vet's botching up sterilization procedures.

Or even not be able to sex a dam kitten! Where do they find these pathetic veterinarians, clown school?


Your hate seems to have blinded you. Do you think new vets ONLY go to Banfield?

There are new vets all over the country performing spays and neuters in private practices, with the same incidence rate during surgeries.

And as far as the techs, most techs are trained on the every vet clinic. Private practice AND corporate.

The industry does not make enough money to pay an extensive amount for registered techs. Because people think $200 for an invasive intra-abdominal surgery where organs are removed is too expensive.