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I am *** pissed the *** off. So I had a one year plan and it was done in November.

They scheduled a one year exam and I thought that would be the end of my plan.

Turns out since I took my dog to that exam they put me on another year *** plan without me knowing and now they say I cant get out of it. *** YOU BANFIELD!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you read the contract you signed then you would see that it clearly states the plan renews each year.

The reason being is to avoid having people have to pay the membership fee again, and also because pets heed ongoing care not just a years worth.


yeppers they did. When you signed up for the original Wellness Plan the contract states that the plan will automatic renew for another year if you don't cancel it 60 days prior to the expiration date of your previous contract.

I'm sure who ever singed you up failed to inform you of this automatic renewal clause. The other little tid bit of news with the Wellness contract is that the plan can not be cancelled once its instated even if your pet passes away your obligated to pay off the remaining balance owed.


If you cancel or your pet passes away, you are asked to pay your remaining payments OR the non discounted price of the services used, whichever of these is LESS. In most instances, paying the remaining payments is less.

So many complaints on here about this misunderstanding.

They're not asking you to 'pay for a deceased or given away pet'. They're asking you to pay for the services you already used.

If you signed up and used all puppy vaccines and a spay/neuter, then give the pet away, should the hospital not be compensated for the vaccines and procedures performed?

Also, if that were the case, people would take advantage. Use all the procedures then lie and say the pet passed, to essentially get everything for free.