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Why is the wellness plan done verbally? This seems to be a major complaint.

I guess it's because no one would sign up for it if they got the chance to read the exclusions and cancellation terms. I think this is a legalized scam and will do all I can to make people aware of this.

So far everyone I have spoken with has been unaware of cancelation policy until they have to cancel.Included Services are listed on small booklet but are not really clear as to terms of use. I feel completely scammed by this company and would like an answer as to why they do not have a hard copy of wellness plan to be reviewed before signing like most companies do!

Cindy k

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When I signed up for the puppy Wellness Plan, it was offered to me by the gal at the front desk just moments prior to going into the office for the vet to check our new puppy. I was told that the only way I would be able to take out the policy and get any discounts was to purchase it PRIOR to the vet seeing my puppy on its first visit.

The gal gave no explanation as to what and was not included, no information as to cancellation terms or conditions. Nor did she offer to make or give me a copy of the contract. I arrived a half hour early for my puppies first appointment, so there was more then ample time for the person at the front desk to offer and allow ME to read the Wellness Plan contract. However, Banfield seems to offer the plan just moments prior to actually seeing a vet, so there is and was no time for me to read over the contract terms and conditions.

In the long run the Wellness Plan covers a minimal amount of medical care i.e. puppy shots, deworming, and a check up. There are still additional charges added on and not covered for spay/neutering, medications, etc. The prices are overall very inflated to begin with.

So when all is added up, said and done. The Wellness Plan DOES NOT save you money.


When a pet signs up at my location we tell them that it auto renews each year, we tell them they can cancel at any time however they would either pay the remainder of the months they owe, or the services already used at cost. Etc.

(I also tell them this includes when the pet passes away)

Every location SHOULD be doing this.

I also explain that it is NOT insurance. I can't help it if people still think it is, even when I've explained multiple times that it isn't.

I would TOTALLY understand why people are upset at having to still pay IF it was insurance. But it isn't and we aren't charging for future services.

Also, when you sign up you get a printed copy of the contract. We can't make someone read it.

But I can tell you, since we go over the contract before they sign, we rarely have a problem..



You have/had the right to not only read the Wellness Plan contract terms and conditions prior to signing the contract. You also have the right to have a copy of the contract you signed.

It sounds as if people aren't reading the contract terms and conditions prior to signing up for the plan. Just because someone say's sign here, its not a good idea to sign any form of contract before you thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions stated within a contractual agreement.


File an online complaint with the Illinois Attorney Generals Office.

Attn. Ms. Lisa Madigan