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My 10 year old Goldendoodle passed away on Friday 01/15/2016 due to a 6cm tumor in her left lung pressing on her trachea. I called Bainfield Pet Hospital today and spoke with Supervisor Alex and he told me I could cancel my plan?

He stated I was only 5 months into the plan and I had 7 more month to pay, but they would waive 4 months and I would have to pay for 3 more month....I quietly asked Alex to repeat what he just said, and he repeated the above. I told him #1. Where is the compassion for our pet and family #2.I told Alex that I had been a member for 25 years, and when our 15 year old male schnauzer passed away in 2005, my policy on Vincent was immediately cancelled. #3.

When my 7 1/2 Goldendoodle passed away at Auburn Small Animal Clinic with mediastinal Lymphoma in Sept 2013, I had no problem canceling my plan on Cydne Anne. #4. After calling this department today and receiving a call from Alex telling him Izzabelle past away on Friday 01/15/16, with a tumor in her left lung; his response was absolutely not compassionate and he was more interested in money then consoling me? I told him he could sue me, that I was going to stop payments on all future debits for $31.95 each month on my deceased beloved dog.

I asked for a physical address for my attorney to serve Bainfield a letter with a subpoena and he would only give me a POBox 13998, Attn: Wellness Plan Relations, Portland, OR 97213. This guy would not give me a physical address for Bainfield Pet Hospital. My dog will never ever be able to get a wellness check, because the funeral home picked up her body today to be cremated. Has anyone ran into this issue?

I told Alex if your plan changed from 2006, then why were we not notified in writing and where is my signature of this Bait & Switch.

I would very much appreciate your responses. Thank you from a grieving family.

Patty Shedden

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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When you sign up for a wellness plan it is a year commitment and instead of paying all at once they allow you to split it into payments. You agreed to this and signed for it.

This is not cable where you pay month to month. I’m sorry for your loss but you probably already got your moneys worth.


I am, so sorry, for, yoy. Such a great looking dog.

I, trully believe, you will, see, you're friend, again, someday, But, Banfield, and, they're, money hungry people, are, pretty much. lowlife. I, promise you, I will, never, ever, take an animal, there again, and, will, tell others, the same.

Once again, I am, very sorry, that, you have to go through this pain. Also, am going to, say alittle prayer , for, you, and, Izzabelle.


I would run from that place, they are all about money. Take your pet to a real vets office and they will work with you if you are a cash paying customer and your pet will get what they need and your wallet will not be raped.


I agree, after my family and I experience with Bandfield pet hospital, I will never go to a pwt hospital again.


I am sorry for your loss. Just another example of Banfield's greedy ways with no thought to the grieving family.

They lost a long time customer because of their greed. Learn compassion and empathy in your company!


I'm truly sorry for your loss. It's never easy losing a pet.

I hope the pain of losing her lessens. She was a beautiful dog

As for cancelling the plan. The person below me explained it perfectly.

It's not insurance so they aren't charging for services you haven't used. In the contract you sign, it specifically states if you cancel before the year is up, no matter the reason, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe, or the services you've already used, whichever is cheaper for you.

It was definitely nice of them to offer to waive 4 of the months.

Your other pets were probably either very close to the plan renewing or it had just renewed and you hadn't used anything yet.

Please don't just stop the payments.

You will go into collections and that can ruin your credit.

Again. I'm so sorry for your loss.


(continuation) - having only paid ~$100. So do you see how if, as an example, you used up $600+ of services and only paid a few months payments this would cause the company a massive loss.

Obviously they are a big successful company & legally take care to avoid this being possible. Depending on how many of the plan services you had already used up he could have been being nice to even offer to waive the 3 months.

Unfortunately you are going to have to just take this as a lesson to thoroughly read what you sign.


Update: Unfortunately I was very sick at the time Izzy passed away and on 02/29/2016, I was admitted to the hospital for a heart cath and I received 3 stents in my LAD artery which were 90% blocked. I am very blessed to still be alive and to not have a stroke at my age.

I just received an email regarding this post and I have no clue whether Bainfield took out any payments from our checking account. I had a severe adverse reaction to a blood thinner Brilinta 90mg. and was re-admitted to the hospital for 5 of the 6 deathly adverse reactions. Izzy remains on the mantel and I am recovering.

Thank you for those who sent condolences and for the people who were not encouraging, I am praying for your and I forgive you. It is obvious I was on the edge of having a massive heart attack and I'm thankful for my dear family and friends who have given much love and support to me during this difficult time.


Very sorry about your iilness. One thing you should very be greatful for is you were a patient of BANFIELDS.

I will never use BANFIELDS after what they did to my dog.

Most of the people replying and saying keep paying are probably, BANFIELDS employees.

Yes we should read everything we sigh for today. Because companies are becoming more and more like BANFIELDS.

Most will not accept a credit card for monthly payments, because you can dispute any charges.

But when they get your account numbers you give them access to your funds.

WE Should Never Pay Bills like this. Never NEVER give ANYONE your BANKING Account NUMBERS..... BANFIELD is a lowlife company owed buy investors that are only getting rich off of fear, by saying all the things that or dogs or cats could get.

8 out of 10 dogs and cats live very healthy in our homes. So they Rake in tons of money on these healthy animals. The other 2% !have on going issues and cost tons of funds to take care of. Banfield plays on your love for animals, they know full well most of those animals will die, anyway no mater what the treatment or the cost it is inviteable.

They just pressing to treat them, so they keep making money. They don’t tell that what you are paying for co payments. Is about 200% profit of the cost of the meds they use. The rest is pure profit.

Think about it, I get my dog shots for 25.00 at county vet. They charge 300.00 in their contract. SCAM when anyone Wants your banking INFORMATION. To BILL you every MONTH..



I'm so sorry for your loss, but before you go wasting money on a lawyer you should re-read the contract you signed. All the Wellness plan contracts clearly state that should the pet pass away or be given away that you are still responsible for the remaining months on the plan or the cost of the services already used - whichever is the lesser amount.

If they did not offer you the second option you should ask abut it.

The reason for these 2 options is because the total cost of the services supplied over the year are split over 12 monthly payments at a reduced cost (e.g.

bloodwork costs about $200, a dental costs about $300, vaccines and fecal/de-worming cost about $100-200 depending on which vaccines you chose for your pet to have). So therefore someone could sign up, use all those services in 1-2 months then cancel the plan having only paid


I'm so sorry for you loss. I went through very much the same thing your going through with regards to the Wellness plan and trying to cancel after my 9 month old Dane suddenly passed away after only 3 visits to Banfield.

When I called corporate I was informed that under no circumstances can the plan just be cancelled as refunds are not given even when a pet passes away.

The remainder plan balance(if any) must be paid in full whether the medical portion or remainder months of the plan are utilized or not. This is defined in the small print on the Wellness plan contract.

You may have received a refund or were able to cancel in the past. This is not the case any longer under the terms and conditions as so stated in the contract.


I'm sorry for the loss of your doodle. It sounds like y'all have had more than your share of cancer with your pups :(

To help you understand your issue, Banfield is not asking you to pay for anything you did not use.

When you cancel a plan, you are asked to pay the remaining payments or the face value of the services used, whichever is cheaper.

If they are asking you to continue payments, that means the services used this year was more than the payments. It is terrible when a pet passes away, but that does not mean the veg should not get paid for the services used that year.

For example, if you've paid for 5 months, that would be a bit over $155, but if you've used $300 worth of services this year (bloodwork, fecals, dental, radiographs, etc) the vet deserves to get paid for the work they have done.

I hope this clears a little up.

I know this can seem harsh, but it is on every wellness plan agreement.

For your other pets, it's possible there were only a few payments left for the year (which they waived) or it was the beginning of the year with few services used. Possibly this is why there was no payment due to cancel?


Wow you seem more interested in getting your money back than your dog. Not to mention this is the third pet that died in your care. You should be banned as a pet owner.


Are you kidding me? My point was regarding canceling the plan.

I took my last two female dogs to my equine vet for second opinions and then my pets were then referred into critical care @ Auburn Small Animal Clinic. Before I left I paid my bill of $1500.00 before I could take my Izzy home . I have cried for two weeks, I took my girl to work with me everyday so she wouldn't be alone and my husband and I have grieved and mourned since we found out her correct diagnosis. Izzy was a rescue and we were the 5th owners at 9 months of age and she was our girl and live with us for 10 years.

I am truly sorry I did not get my point across that this post was only about "canceling a wellness plan policy" after your pet has passed away. Patty S.


First I want to offer my condolences for your loss as I know that is not easy but I am a wellness plan member too and I am struggling to understand why you have no problem paying a $1,500.00 emergency bill for services rendered but not paying Banfield for the services they rendered. I am confused and please help me understand this.

My understanding is they provide you services up front and you pay for them though payments and they were willing to forgive 4 of them and you are still upset? The emergency vet charged you full price and you aren't upset about that? Your logic doesn't make sense to me because they waived more than half of what you would owe for what they gave you AND let you pay monthly. Did your emergency vet waive half of their $1,500 bill and then let you pay monthly?

Please, I invite you to further explain your problem with your vet bill as we are all curious.


Don't pay any attention, to, this, inconsiderate, thoughtless, person. Half these comments, sound, like , rearend, kissing, employees. They, probably, never, had, a pet, I, personally think, that, Banfield, is, greedy, and, the , feeble people, trying to defend them, in, there comments, shold go, beg, Mc Donald's, to teach them how to flip burgers.


I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you get things straightened out.