Cherry Valley, Illinois
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I had bad experience at working at banfield pets hospital. In charlotte nc Sharon Amity rd coltwold.

The doctors ,dayton, schver, charvez are the worst Doctor u can have to work the its to much inner fighting in the hospital. They always be making comments about clients pets and how the look , there are racial slurs that come up u talk to corporate they do not care !!!! There rude ,disrespec t ful they dont do whats best for your pets......

be careful they will talk about your husband, there not clean and the place is not sanitary.. i do not recommended coltwold in charlotte nc

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I agree, Banfield sucks!


Maybe you should know how to write before knocking doctors who went though four years plus of medical school. <3


Maybe you should have your pet murdered/or almost murdered by those *** How do you sleep at night?


Be careful. Unless you can back up what you're writing on the Internet, each person could sue you for slander.


I may be wrong. However, from what I've noticed at our own local Banfield, it appears the vets are new graduates right out of school or perhaps doing their practical internship while still in college.

Taking into consideration the volume of clients and pets the Doctors deal with on a daily basis its not always an easy task to smile and have upbeat attitude when one is overwhelmed multitasking for 8 to 10 hours a day. Many of the Docs are young and perhaps not only need time, but over time in their career's will learn patients, compassion, how to deal with stress and what conversations are and are not appropriate to have within the work



There is no "practical internship while still in college."

After graduating and passing boards, you are fully licensed to practice veterinary medicine. You can go directly into practice, or do an internship (which is practicing under the mentorship of a more seasoned veterinarian).

Most graduates just go into practice.