Davie, Florida

Suggest getting a second opinion for an estimate. $220 for an x-ray. Overnight stay $5-600. Pricing is totally unregulated .

As much as we love our dog they go well beyond there means of pricing.

I won't be returning for any emergency services with Banfield.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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My cat jumped out of a window. X-ray, kennel fee, pain meds, vet services were all 200 dollars.

Wherever you live is raping you all.

Wow! Kitty was fine, by the way.


Depending on the reason for and location of the x-ray $220 isn't overpriced at all. I took my dog in for x-rays due to his limping at my private vets office, they took 3 x-rays consisting of rear leg, hip and spinal.

The cost was just under $700.00 Just for the x-rays.

That did not include the office visit fee or the cost of medication. My final bill was just under $1,000

Medical care is very costly for both humans and pets.


Actually those prices are pretty decent, going to an ER would likely be a lot more than that. In our area X-rays will be $400-500, and a 24hr stay at an ER will cost you between $800-$2000 depending on how intensive the care is.

I think you, like MANY other people, are just not prepared for the realistic costs of any emergency care....which is why I would recommend getting pet insurance.


I'm glad you won't go back for emergency services! Banfield is not an emergency clinic. They are a preventative care facility.


My Dane hurt his rear leg to the point he was dragging it. I took him to my private vet and the x-ray bill was over $500.00 just for hip, spine and leg views.

x-rays are expensive it doesn't matter where there done.

Thankfully, nothing showed up and the vet concluded it was a pulled muscle or tendon. It took 7 weeks but he's just fine now.