Woodbury, New Jersey

Ok where do i start, first i will tell you that when you take your pet to Banfield you are doing so at your own risk! When they're so called vets examine your pet they hardly touch the animal and instead ask you random questions while searching for the answer on a company made computer program designed to do the work for them.

When I took my beautiful Chocolate Lab to Banfield for the teeth cleaning included in the "wellness premium package" he developed a cyst on his leg where the vet inserted the catheter I.V. and when I told them about it they said it was infected from him licking the spot where the catheter was, ***! Then they gave him an antibiotic shot and charged me $100.00 and told me to call in a week. A week later the cyst was still there and then they told me it wasn't an infection and not to worry it would go away.

Well it has been a year and the cyst did go away finally but when I asked for my money back for the missed diagnosis they wouldn't refund the $100.

Then I decided to try to cancel my membership and every time I called they put me on hold for a half an hour and never connected me to the correct department in charge of cancellations, so I stopped paying and they sent it to collections and I had to pay for the remainder of the year to get away from Banfield. Bottom line, don't take your pet to Banfield, in my opinion they don't know what they're doing and are there for your money only.

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Heart murmurs are not always detected right away and they can appear at any age. Whatever vet told you that it should have been detected by 3 mos was full of ***.

A dog or cat can go 6 years or whatever without even developing a murmur... fyi


My dog had a level 4-6 heart murmur that 4 Vets say should have been picked up by 3 months of age. At 7 months Banfield was too busy trying to sell unnecessary products to pick up the murmur.

One of their vets would even agree. Yet they say there was no negligence.

Banfield Pet Hospital


I came across your post, and I am sorry that you are not satisfied with your hospital experience. To help us better understand your concern, and to address your situation directly, I'd like to encourage you to call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288. Thank you.


What exactly was the "missed diagnosis"? Sounds like they got it right.

Your dog was licking at the catheter site and it got infected, they gave an injection to clear the infection, which it did, and the cyst eventually went away like they said it would. And you want your money back why???

And because you didn't want to wait on hold your solution is to stop paying your bills and this is justified??? Grow up!