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The wellness plan seemed great at the beginning until you go in to use it and they will find something to sell you medicine,flea medicine for indoor dogs and do tests that you don't need. I finally caught on and said I dont need a heartworm test for the limping in her leg.

and all the medicines!!!! They look in my dogs ear and wants to test for yeast when there wasn't anything wrong on and on. NEVER SIGN ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!! They were nice to get money but the woodinville doctor that said he was part owner was a arrogant complete rude *** when I told him I felt ripped off.

OVER 500 dollars for xrays when one was needed they took four.

STAY AWAY FROM BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL IN WOODINVILLE WASHINGTON.They only care that they make money and sell you *** people anything they can and I was ***!!!! Deborah D.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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I signed up for the wellness plan also, for my 2 dogs, and everything was good until the day I needed something more complex than just vaccines... My dog had a torn ligament on his knee, he needed x-rays with sedation and a surgery to repair the ligament...

First I got the x-rays at Banfield, they charged me 500 bucks...

after that, the doctor wanted to charge me 2500 for a surgery (tightrope) that I paid 1100 at another vet (that confessed me that he had to fix 2 of these kind of surgeries from Banfield!).

Banfield is ok if your dog is not sick or just need current vaccines, other than that, they just gonna try to rip you off!


Please cancel this plan for my dog. I was told last year I had to wait until December to cancel. Now I have paid for a whole year.

My renewal date is January 2012. I was also




I signed up for the wellness plan when my dog was only eight weeks old. He is three now, and I am still with the plan.

I have no complaints. I saved a lot of money in the plan since all his vaccines, deworming, teeth cleaning, neuter were covered. Besides, they let you know when all the shots are due so you know your pet never misses anything. Also, the staff at the Robinson location is lovely.

They remember my dog by his name everytime we came in. My dog is very nervous around new people and they make him feel very comfortable.

The vet there, MaryAnn is really nice as well, she answers your questions and does not push any unnecessary procedures or medications. Overall, great investment.


Please know what you are talking about before complaining and first off let me say I am not a fan of banfield, but your complaint needs to be made legitimate. The Wellness plan is for preventive care is does not include heartworm prevention or flea/tick prevention for your "inside dog." Do you mean to tell me that your dog uses the bathroom inside your house?

You never take it anywhere?

They can easily pick up fleas at anytime, as well as heartworm from mosquitoes, which is a terrible disease and very expensive to treat. so yea, you are going to have to pay extra for that.


anonymous7775, WELL SAID!


g-ma48, the banfield in robison pa from what i hear is excellent. The plan is definitly worth it.

You must undertand however that it is NOT insurance. It's like buying your pets preventative care for one year. It does save you money and discounts certain medications. I love the plan and if you know what your signing and understand it you will love it!

Don't be concerned about the weight of your pet either for surgery, certain protocols are taken to ensure the right amount of anesthesia for your pet.

As far as for the complaints about them offereing flea and hw prevention, that is MUST. Even indoor pets are exposed to heartworm disease. I worked at a Banfield down south and had 3 POSITIVE cases that were indoor pets, so dont hate because there trying to prevent your pet from getting it.

Plus the reason why they probably wanted to perform a heartworm test when your pet was lame, Lyme disease. Research it. My dog had lameness and he came back positive for it, so they do have reason to do the test. Maybe do your research and look into it a little before posting.

As far as the dvm's bestside manner, no doubt it probably sucked when dealing with a client like yourself. Just a thought.


I have a 3 month old Yorkie/Chi. Does anyone have any complaints with the hospital located in Robinson Twp PA?

I am thinking about buying the plan that covers neutering. He only weighs about 3 to 4 pounds and I am worried about problems.

Concerned Mom


I've been reading the blogs on here for a while and I've come to a conclusion. Although in some instances(very few) people have had valid complaints against some Banfield doctors regarding the care of their pets, I actually find that most complaints seem to be driven by money. What I hear are people that want super saver, welfare care for their pets.

For instance, take Snowflakesnowballs complaint. I have a few rebuttals..

a. Every pet should have a flea preventative. does your dog go outside to potty? fleas live outside, they don't care how long your pet is out there, they just know that there is a warm body for them to feast off of. Put it on a preventative and save yourself from a flea infestation in your house in the future. Oh, and by the way, fleas love to live in your house.

b. your dog was limping. ruling out lymes disease with an inhouse 4dx test is a basic in veterinary care. This is a combination test that tests for heartworm, lymes, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis. If your pet would come up positive for lymes disease the doctor could treat he/she appropriately and possibly eradicate the limp.

c. if your dog had nasty ears then it is only appropriate for the doctor to do an ear cytology to determine what type of infection your pet was dealing with and to treat them appropriately.

d. if your dog is limping the doctor should probably take at least 2 films. if you declined the lyme testing and your dog was limping on more than one leg, then I would expect them to take as many films necessary to rule out any major structural problems.

There is a standard of care in veterinary medicine that in most cases is not even close to the *** healthcare that most people expect.

If you want the KMart Bluelight special, take your pet to someone who is willing to dish out medications based on your "Knowledge" of veterinary medicine. However, don't expect them to be available too long, cause the lawsuits will probably put them out of business shortly. Although I'm not quite sure why you went to a vet anyway, since you seem to have all the answers already.


I'm sorry you feel ripped off, but taking a pet to the vet is much different than you going to a doctor. If you've ever had x-rays done you will probably remember the radiologist tech taking several films. They have to get films for different angles to see everything. Your pet is the same way. So no, one x-ray may not have shown what they needed to see. Many dogs also have to be sedated for an x-ray- thus increasing the cost.

If your dog hasn't had a heartworm test in a while, the vet may order it again. My vet does it every 3 years if I keep them on heartworm medication.

Indoor dogs can get fleas. You can bring them home on you and not realize it. If you have a neighbor with a flea problem, you can end up with them as well. Fleas cause other health issues, and it's just responsible and cheaper to treat them monthly for this.

I know a lot of people who feel ripped off when they take a pet to a vet, but since the pet can't tell you where it hurts or what's wrong, it often leads to many tests as they eliminate problems.

I bet if you were to call around you would have found comparable prices to what you were charged. Most of those insurance plans only cover basic vaccinations and routine care anyhow.