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BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL IN SPRINGFIELD, VA IS THE WORST!!!! I am so pissed off with them. I dropped my pet off at 8am for wellness exam and he was there IN HIS CAGE FOR 9HOURS!!!!!!!

They were not able to get to him for his exam because they said they were TOO BUSY all day!!!!!! WELL......MY PET WAS IN HIS CAGE ALL DAY WITH NO FOOD and MAYBE NO WATER I DON"T KNOW!!!!!!!!


The reason why I am really upset is I did not schedule this appointment, they called me 2 weeks prior to this to remind me that he was due for this exam and told me to bring him in on the 19th.

Well with so many things going on and moving to a new house, I did not have time to change locations for his treatment because I remembered that the last time he was there 6 months ago for a dental cleaning/shots, he was returned to me with a paw that was the size of my HAND because they made the bandage too tight and no one checked that before he left.

So this time, the office hours are from 9-5. They told me to drop him off between 8-8:30. this was the check- in time for all drop offs so it took about 45 min to check-in. Then I had to go back in to ask what time to pick him up after I had already gotten to my car because they didn't mention a time. (Mind you I am holding my 16 month old baby in my arms this whole time)

No one ever called me like they usually do to give me a status update. So I returned at 4:20 and waited in my car until about 4:45.(since they were supposed to close at 5pm and they make you sign a waiver at drop-off for your responsibility for after hours care) I went in to pick up my cat. They said he was not ready????

So I left and told them I would wait until they called me back. luckily there was a mall across the street for me to burn time in because I live 30min away. They then called me at 6pm to tell me that they were not able to get to him because it was too busy!!!

Too much stuff to write about but the bottom line is: If you are going to schedule visits and take in walk-ins, with 4 doctors on staff you need to have at least 1 of them there to make sure that all of your scheduled patients are taken care of!!!!!

My poor cat hates leaving the house and he is almost 8years old and I've had this plan for him since he was 12weeks old. Now I have to take him out again for an actual visit somewhere... He's gonna think I'm crazy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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This is a big problem with most Banfields. Having worked in one I can tell you for a fact that they are discouraged by their management from turning any pets away, so the consequence of that is that they have too many pets to see each day.

This means your pet only gets a few mins of the vets attention and the staff is exhausted/not able to pay much attention to all the pets their management makes them take in. It sucked working there and most staff leave very quickly.


That's because you are.


I've had the exact same experience on multiple occasions. We finally had to pull the plug on them. They have too many patients and not enough staff.