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We have signed up our pet's insurance plan from Banfield Pet Hospital. It is a scam. When we want to cancel the insurance plan during the calender year, we are still responsible for the entire year's plan payment. No one at the Banfield Pet Hospital had ever explained this cancellation policy to us, but only talk about how expensive of pet medicine services are....Until now, they admit they should clearly explain this cancellation policy which they never did. We figure out it costs more to us with the insurance plan than without the insurance plan. In addition, WITHOUT the plan, you are free to choose any veterinary care you want to. A big lesson for us to learn. DON'T use their pet insurance plan. I will still cancel this plan and will not bring my pet to Banfield ever.....


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1) It's not insurance, it's a 'Wellness Plan' so it doesn't cover emergencies. I have a 2 pets on plans & it clearly stated this on both of their sign-up forms in bold words (they were put on plans about a year apart).

2) You would have seen that & all the terms about annual payment/their cancellation policy if you have READ THE CONTRACT, which clearly you didn't.

This is a *** complaint by someone to dumb/lazy to read what they are signing.


My dog Lola gets better care from the staff at Banfield than I did when I was in the "hospital" here in town. The doctors there are loving and caring to Lola and very understanding.

I think some of our medical doctors should take a lesson from them on patient bedside or office manner. The insurance is great it covers all the needs of my dog there are things they don't cover but that is all insurances. I am greatful to the wellness plan and Bandfield Pet Hospital doctors and staff especially to Dr.

Susan Smith. :)


My dog and cat get better pet insurance through banfield than I do at my job! We take alot of trips and taking them for vaccinations is easy and simple.

When I was worried about arthritis in my labs hips I didn't have to pay anything extra for X-rays. I only pay 34 a month for the dog. It's a relief when I'm gone on a trip I can tell the boarder that the pets are completely covered and if they need treatment they can get them whatever medical care is needed.

For a total of 68 monthly for both and saved thousands of dollars it's worth it! :eek


We have taken our pets to Banfield hospitals since 09. The care they have received i top quality.

All members of the staff at Banfield have been kind caring individuals that I would implicitly trust the care of our pets to.

Banfield was the best choice we could have made. :)


The price of preventive exams is affordable Banfield Hospital Basic plan will cost now 28.00 which is .93 cents a day, $336.00 a year this is NOT a whole lot to pay when one sometimes spends more on a daily cup of coffee at Star bucks for $1.50 and up, think a bout in those terms.

If one is a smoker of cigerettes they are spending $3000.00 a year so really one should give their pets the best medical attention at a affordable price .93 cents a day over $1.50 for coffee which one spends without thinking about it.

Whatever I spend for my self I make sure my dog gets what he needs, like one of the readers have said take time to read the contracts and ask questions everytime you go to the vet. that's why they are there to answer all questions.

My friend spend $1000.00 on her cat not have a pet plan.


I've had Banfield for 4 yrs. and it has been a plus my American Staffordshire Terrier has had his required visits and a couple in between the plan with no added expense.

In the beginning I had wanted to cancel and they told me no problem with no added expense so I don't know what this individual is talking about being commited in paying if one cancels.

Vet. care is a must I had a friend that smoked up cigerettes galore and never took her Malamute to the vet and the poor dog ended up dying of cancer.

One office visit with several shots can cost you 500.00 with any vet. If you love your pets price is NOT the issue.

Further more pet insurance for accidents or illness is a must one should not have to lose their pet because they can't pay. I recommend GoPetplan.com they pay 100%, 1000.00 if the pet passes, 500.00 they they get lost.


Chanza - another shining example of the quality human beings that Banfield hires! Insulting, rude, and unintelligent. Learn the difference between "your" and "you're."


First of you *** it's a Wellness plan and not insurance and 2 do u not read what you are signing? Are you one of these retards that will with sign anything without reading it. If yes try then your a retard too.


Lampiss- Please remember that our Wellness Plans are not insurance they are preventive services pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option. Wellness Plans can be cancelled at any time, we simply ask that the client pay for the services already used at full retail cost, or the remainder of the monthly payments, whichever is less.

In other words, customers who do cancel are not asked to pay for services that they do not use. Please call our Wellness Plan Team at 88-649-2716 if you have any questions.

@Banfield Pet Hospital

Thanks for the explanation because the company that you do this through did a *** poor job of explaining why they took all my money and did not provide me with coverage. I get it now. It is not insurance.


The Banfield WELLNESS programs are not insurance policies. They are designed to keep your pet healthy by following a schedule of preventative care.

Too many people ignore the maintenance of their pet's health because of the cost of the visit to the vet. The basis of the wellness plan is to make it affordable (by spreading the cost over several months at a fixed fee) to cover the basic healthcare you should be providing your pet. All immunizations, two complete physicals a year and unlimited vet visits throughout the year. Naturally if there are additional tests that need to be done, medications or procedures not covered by the plan, you will pay extra for them.

But you will pay substantially LESS for them then you would at any other veterinary clinic.

We don't look for cut-rate healthcare for ourselves or our children. Why shouldn't our pets have access to the same quality of care?


You should read everything you sign, everything you just complained about is CLEARLY stated in the contract.. that YOU signed. That makes it YOUR responsibility.


Oh goodness how ignorant can you be! First off - it's a WELLNESS plan, not insurance.

Second, you can cancel at any time, but you will be responsible for the full cost of services ALREADY used. Sometimes full retiail is more expensive than just paying the rest of the plan. Third, no one forced you to sign the contract.

They give you the cancellation policy and terms of service. It's your fault you didn't read them, not theirs for not reading it to you line by line.


I see more complaints about Banfields on here then almost any other company. Remind me not to take my pets there.