Charlotte, North Carolina

First It is expensive. If u cancel the plan(if your visit cost is more than your annual premium) they charge more than the current 12 months plan cost.

Customer service sucks... they do not have ability to fix the problems. i can not blame the customer service... but the system itself sucks.

I'm not going to recommend this, if you find the individual hospital that might be better. You never find the same doctor all the time. they will try to add additional services to rip you off...

If you are the first time pet taker, you need to be careful. Generally they will rip you off...

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Many private vet offices charge under $45.00 for an office visit, not to mention less expensive costs on routine shots i.e. Rabies, DHPP etc.

Banfield seems to have inflated prices for many services, vaccines, fecal testing, flea & Tic meds, Hart worm guard products and especially high charges for routine spaying & neutering starting at $425.00 Actually I remember I had to pay an additional cost for my puppies O&P fecal check.

The deworming meds were included in the plan, but not the actual fecal testing. Routine urine tests aren't covered under the plan either.


I assume your pet was on a puppy plan. Fecal exams ARE included in the plan.

You get 3 of them which are done with the first set of vaccines, the final set and then at the comprehensive exam appt when they are 6-8mo old. If you used all of the fecal exams, and your pet had an issue where one needed to be checked, then that's the only reason you would be charged for it.

Puppies and kittens don't need their urine checked unless the pet is having problems. So that is why it isn't covered. 1 urinalysis per year IS included on the 2 adult plans that include dental cleanings.

As for pricing on spaying/neutering.

Yes, it is pricy at banfield. However the reason being is because its a package which includes: bloodwork the morning of surgery to make sure the pet is okay to go under anesthesia, IV catheter just in case something happens and they need access to a vein right away, IV fluids, all sorts of monitoring (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels etc) and a pain inj after.

Sure you could go to a low cost place but I guarantee they don't do any of that. As for the vaccines, they are high quality vaccines and those cost more. Using lower quality vaccines can make the risk of your pet having a vaccine reaction higher.

The heartworm and flea prevention products aren't inflated at all. In my area local private vets charge around the same price if not more. Also, they may be different products.

If you're comating it to pricing online?

Don't. Most of the online pharmacies have counterfeit products that make pets extremely sick. There are private vets out there that charge more than banfield.. there is also low cost places.

However, in veterinary medicine you generally (not always but most of the time) get what you pay for.

I'd rather go somewhere that practices quality medicine over quantity. You'd be horrified if I told you some of the things about the low cost places around my area.


My Savannahs had all that for 127, which included all that. I did not have to pay for extra for a cone, pain meds, because all that was included.

Also the pre opt appointment the vet visit was 15 dollars, and the lab work was 50. Great care, wonderful staff, without breaking my piggy bank!

Oh, and it was narcotics, not Motrin your clinics give. That is inhumane!


No Banfield pet hospital gives motrin. Human NSAID are toxic to pets.

The vets I work with don't even recommend the dog aspirin sold at petsmart, especially after surgery as it can cause stomach ulcers and internal bleeding (higher risk after surgery). Also, if someone gives their pet aspirin, then the vet would not be able to prescribe a pet NSAID within 7 or more days of giving that medication because if given together or given within a certain period of time of each other, it can cause an extreme reaction or be fatal to the pet.

Banfields generally use a PET NSAID called Rimadyl/Carprofen or Meloxicam. They also use tramadol if the pet needs it. All medications, even the "narcotics" your vet uses, can have side effects.

There is no medication out there that is 100% risk free.

I doubt a full blood panel is $50.

If it is, you are probably using a low cost facility.

The pre anesthetic lab work includes a blood cell count (cbc), Internal organ function screen (IOF), a manual differential under the microscope, and elcotrolytes.


Actually, that was all included, Princess of Banfield. I am buying a Chausie/savannah mix kitten and I will gladly post the blood report.

She test for all you mentioned. I started taking my cats to her since the majority of my cats are hybrid cats and she worked with exotic cats and understands their needs. She also is active with rescue groups, and gives a huge discount to many of them. She is also not judgemental if you buy a cat.

Though she discounted my last Savannah since she was a rescue.

I made sure that my Savannah which is a F2 had the vaccinations requested by the breeder and the sedation which is best for the breed. So, you are wrong in your assessment of a cheap vet. That is a plus!

Just a FYI I make sure my cats receive good medical care.

Just because I do not get ripped off by a chain store joke of a vet, does not mean my cats are not getting quality care. Do you know how much a F2 Savannah is?! Maybe do some research. I am not rich and had to save up for her.

If you all think Banfield is quality care, and my vet is *** because she is economical, I have some beach shore property to sell you in the desert. Also, she I not a newbie vet that is well established in her field. Also, her vet tech are licenced!! Most Banfields are not.

Let me get this straight, you send animals that have just been spayed Tramadol?!

Bayfield sucks ***! My vet gave my cats morphine patch, and then a heavy narcotic for two weeks after. She gave me more when my F5 Savannah popped her stitching. Your clinics are cruel.

I feel so bad for your poor animals. Thank you so much for once again showing me how cruel and inhumane Banfield is!


First the wellness plan is NOT insurance. You sign a 1 yr contract and in that contract it states the plan auto renews each year (if you don't want it to renew you can call the wellness plan team and set it not to, or if it renews and you haven't used anything on the new year you can cancel no problem).

If you choose to cancel before the year is up you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services (at full cost, not with the plan discount) you've already used, whichever is cheaper. Which it also states in the contract.

Again, it's not insurance. They aren't charging for things you haven't used.

If you have a 2yr cellphone contract, and you cancel before it's up they charge a huge fee.

Lets say you are on the puppy plan. You've paid for 4mo of payments ($41.95 ea) but have used 5 office visits (normally $50 a piece), gotten all vaccines and boosters ($20-$35 PER vaccine), deworming ($15 each), fecal exams ($40 each) and the spay/neuter ($300+) and you cancel. How is it fair that you've used over $600 worth of services but have only paid $170?

Vets are a business too. They need to make money to stay open.

As for not seeing the same vet twice.

Have you requested the same doc? Can you only come on certain days? Because if you can only come on certain days (like Monday one week and Thursday next time) then the doctor you like may not be working that day.

At my hospital we do our best to schedule with the same doc everytime. We have 2 docs and clients who request certain ones, so we do our best to have them see the same one.

Especially if they are seen for an injury/illness. We want the same doc to recheck them because they will be able to tell if the pet is getting better. & by "additional services", I assume, like most people, you are talking about when you drop your pet off/come in for an appt and they offer flea/tick prev, heartworm prev, anal glands expressed, and a pedicure. These are not to rip you off.

These are things that improve the health of your pet. Fleas can cause anemia. Ticks can carry lyme, earlichia and anaplasmosis all of which can be chronic and can kill your pet. Mosquitos carry heartworm which is expensive (and painful for your pet) to treat.

Many people say that heartworm isn't that common. It didn't used to be, but we are seeing it more and more. It costs around $2,000 if not more and if your pet doesn't die from the heartworm or the treatment. Anal glands are something most people don't know the pets have.

If the pet doesn't express them themselves they can become infected (which requires antibiotics) or abscess (which requires surgery), both of which are painful. If you aren't referring to those things listed as the "additional services" Then I'm not sure what you mean. Other than them getting you a treatment plan of recommended testing/medication if your pet is sick, which all vets do or should do. Banfield may seem a little more expensive but I can guarantee you they aren't the most expensive vet out there.

I'd rather pay for quality care rather than go somewhere that's cheap and about quantity over quality. For example. A spay/neuter may be around $300-$400 at banfield and $50 at a clinic or shelter but there's a reason for it. Banfield does bloodwork the morning of surgery which is important to make sure your pets internal organs are okay to go under anesthesia.

They place an IV catheter in case they need to access a vein in an emergency. They do IV fluids so the pet doesn't get dehydrated. They give a pain inj/pain meds to go home. They have all sorts of monitoring equipment to be sure your pet is doing okay while under.

The shelter and most clinics do just the spay. Not any IV, fluids, monitoring etc. Which can be life or death for your pet. Shoot most low cost places around me don't even offer pain meds to go home and if an owner asks they say no.

Their reasoning? "Because the pet wouldn't feel the pain then they would he hyper". Uhhh...That's why for 7-10 days post Sx you are supposed to keep them confined. Not giving pain meds is borderline abuse.

You'd want pain meds post major surgery.

Sorry this is so long. Hope you understand a little better.