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I have been employed at Banfield as a Pet Nurse for about 1 1/2 years so far and walked out on the job as of today. I am a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician who graduated in 2005 from a very well established accredited RVT program that taught me extremely well. This is not Western Career College.... I've been working in the veterinary field since the age of 16 so I have worked with my doctors, nurses and hospitals in many parts of California. I decided to try Banfield because I noticed some of my classmates were obtaining internships at certain locations and I thought, "Why not?". Little did I know that I was in for a rude awakening!

This particular Banfield hospital I worked for consisted of a greedy, money hungry head DVM that would always end the day with, "How much production did we make today? Did we make it to our goal?". I will not name her or the location for I fear complete retaliation as this company will seek out those that have blown the whistle on them with unpredictable consequences. This DVM would push for abortions of pregnant animals instead of giving prenatal care like most owners would want to have their litters. The other DVM's were ok but not fantastic due to their unclear explanations of treatments and estimates to clients with outstanding bills that were hundreds of dollars when they initially came in for vaccines! The management treated me personally like I was a piece of garbage. My office manager that I actually liked left as well as the Director of Pet Nurses and two other nurses that would help train me in areas that I needed to refine prior to graduating from my RVT program. The office manager we got was a complete horror. The to-be Director of Pet Nursing was another train wreck. When I worked with this Pet Nurse that was up for promotion (who had only been there for less than 2 years), I would take all of the examination rooms myself and clean the entire hospital on my own while she just left without asking me if I ever needed help. There was NO TEAM EFFORT at all with this hospital or for any other locations that I worked at for that matter. I worked at 4 other Banfields and it was all like this. I felt so used coming home from work and cried many times thinking that I cannot put myself through this type of work enviornment. This Pet Nurse would come to work angry all the time and didn't bother to help anyone except herself.

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I currently work for Banfield and I will tell you that it all lies in the hospital that you choose. The Banfield that I work at the Veterinarian is very compasionate about her job, she wants to help the nurses as much as possible and gets very hands on with us and doesnt mind running test and doing TPR's if we are busy with a lot of pets.

Not everyone that works at a Banfield is an *** and uneducated. We always try to help each pet that comes in even if the owner can not afford treatment.

Plus the pet nurses at my hospital all go to lunch together and talk about the interesting cases and go out to dinner and help each other out as much as possible. I cant speak for every Banfield, I can only speak for the Banfield that I work at in Houston, TX.

#265244 all are so quick to judge someone who doesn't have a college degree! Well ill tell ya it does NOT take a college degree to do this job.

Its fairly easy. It just takes practice. So if you people wouldn't be sl *** snobby maybe you would have more pwople that liked you. Also..there are *** everywhere you when someone says they work with someone who is harrassing them don't be so quick to think they are lying.

All of this really reflects a poor self attitude of you people who say the person who wrote this article was uneducated.

That's ***! Get over yourselves!


All the awful stuff written about Banfield is true. Most of the people managing are total idiots, with litte to no proper education.

They LIE (one guy swore up and down he was in the process of getting his RVT so they promoted him to hospital manager at 25 an hour...two years later, no RVT, same position), they bully (the *** I work for demeans employees infront of everyone else and states, this is how I roll...

very professional for another practice manager), they straight out are unfit for the job! Avoid this place if you can!


I also work at a Banfield and let me tell you it is the same. The Head Dr.

speaks to everyone like they are ***. It is only about the money, the HD treats clients that are low income like trash and that they should not be there. Clients have come in pissed, our Office Manager/HN is a coward and makes the CSC`s deal with angry clients. The place is filthy and we have had Parvo patients in contact with other clients pets.

Whenever someone speaks up, they are verbally beat down by the HD. It is truly all about the money with this place. I myself have asked for a transfer numerous times due to the harassment I have received, to no avail. now they are "training" Pet nurses from people that have absolutely no knowledge of pets.

Yet the ones who genuinely care are being driven to quit. it is sad when the other Dr.'s are happy that they are leaving. Banfield has some good ideas..but no clue on how to run this "caring" business they want to promote. as an employee I have brought my pet to my banfield and she was treated terribly and my bill was run up as well.

I will never bring my pet to this place again.

I have returned to my original Dr. I encourage people to seek other means of veterinary care, you will only end up with debt if you come here.


I am a registered tech and work at a Banfield. Let me just say that the doctors and staff are caring and compassionate.

The doctors I work with are appreciate of the staff and everyone works for one common goal - Exceptional Veterinary Care! I have worked in the veterinary business for many years and have never worked in a hospital like this.

EVERYONE is educated, caring, and's sad that all Banfields are not like mine. I feel that it's unfair to say that all Banfields are like McDonalds.....they are not the same.


In my experience, it depends COMPLETELY on the vet AND the location. I have been to two different locations in my area, and it was like night and day.

After a very unpleasant experience at the first, and upon hearing from a coworker that their other location was much better, I have recently switched.


I bet addition to checking their production numbers on the computer all day are also logging onto these websites. Actually, Banfield probably hires individuals to post comments about how great they are...and to refute others comments. Meanwhile the other employees are doing all the work...maybe that is why they are sooo sour faced.


I am also an RVT who can attest that corporate run hospitals (ie Banfield),are the fast food joints of veterinary care facilities. There may be some good Doctors at these facilites but overall they are governed by the corporate interest which is paramount to the actual care given.

I do have and MBA and know first hand how a business runs. I became an RVT for my love of animals. I have worked at at Banfield. and would agree with some of the oppinions about the corporate entity.

It's an unfortunate truth that RVT's don't seem to be as valued as they should be. It's true, there are a lot of unregistered techs on hand that have wonderful skills and experience, but cannot perform all the procedures an RVT can (due to laws). Lets face it, a *** good RVT is worth their weight in gold. As nurses are respected in human medicine, they should be respected in veterinary medicine as well.

Without them the business would surely fail. My MBA never have prepared me for any of the information I obtained getting my BS in Veterinary Technology.

And doggie momma... (LOL), if you want to gripe on another persons lack of education, you may want to double check your grammar first.


i am also a banfield employee and i hate my job! sounds like you worked at my hospital !i feel harassed and hostile i feel like i cant even ask for advise medical for clients , lead dr curses at me threatens me put hers hands on people i dont know what to do i came in to my job confident eager now im just there cause its good pay and easy bonus but im mentaly and emtionaly tired ive worked there for a little over a year i honestly feel like i need a break im in ca u


I love all of these complaints that are so ridiculous. First off, it is true some doctors arent great, but that varies from hospital to hospital.

My Banfield doctor is absolutely amazing. He practices great medicine, and doesnt price gouge people and is a wonderful person to work with. Yes we do have to worry about production, as any good business should. Do you have an MBA?

no, so you wouldnt know anything about the runnings of a business. Most corporations would probably have daily meetings about production as well, we are no different. I am not sure why you didnt get along with all of those people but as stated here maybe its a personality conflict not a problem with the company.

And I have no respect for anyone that is an RVT anymore then anyone else with an education.

I have a BA and that is the same level of education as needed to be an RVT except I didnt take a test. I was also educated in a different subject matter but that doesnt mean I cant learn another.

90% of people work in a field different from their degree. In fact most of the PN's I know that are worth working for us are not RVT and the ones that are arent any better then the rest of the PNs.


I am a Petnurse at a midwestern Banfield, and I can verify this person's story. At the end of each day, do we discuss the interesting cases that we saw that day?

No! The first thing we look at is how many pets did we see today? How much did we bring in today? How are we doing compared to other hospitals in our area?

I have never worked for a company that is as micromanaged as Banfield.

Every 3 weeks or so, the corporate goons come in, to pass out the company cool-aid, and make sure that everyone swears alegence to Banfield. :(


Karen and doggie, don't be so quick to judge. RVTs in general will stay far, far away from Banfield, because frankly, their services are not needed there.

Banfield is the McDonalds of animal hospitals, and a nurse there doesn't need much more than a GED to do the work that's needed, much less an RVT license. Real hospitals need RVTs.


I think maybe the problem may lay with the author of this article. I find it extremely hard to believe that you could find such horrible people to work with in 4 different locations. Time for a little self evaluation...


I don't know if you are being truthful or not, when someone appears generally uneducated it is hard to believe their story. This article sounds as if it was written by someone with about a 6th grade education.