Do comparison of cost with www.luvmypet.com $62 for all shots for a year.

$375/year for a pet wellness program... It's not worth it.

I had bad experience with Banfield on Jefferson Davis Hwy, Alexandria, VA.

Long wait. Vet loves to alarm you for tiny little problem: they would order x-ray, re-hydrate, this and that for simple vomiting problems. It was my first dog. Puppy vomits often. Don't be alarm. Feed him/her chopped up chicken with rice. Slowly ease in regular food. The vet could have suggested that, but instead they order expensive x-ray, etc etc.

Review about: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I understand that x-rays are expensive but I believe the doctor was just providing you the best medicine. Yes, puppies vomit alot but it could be for many reasons and x-rays help a lot to view the abdomen and look for any proliferations, enlargements, parasites, etc. The best thing a vet could do is start explaining to you what the ideal thing would be to do even though it may be expensive and if so then to start treatment B, C, etc with the owner's budget

Belfair, Washington, United States #10827

Everyone has good and bad things happen concerning their pets... I use Banfield....

I have found their vets and staff to be first class... Their exam rooms are clean and I have found the prices to be fair.....

I will continue to use them.... My dog even loves the visits.......

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #10230

Thanks for the pointer! I have six rescued cats, a stray dog, and two guinea pigs.

I have a real vet but he charges around $175 for a year's vaccines. For good basic vaccines on healthy indoor kitties, this is a good deal!

Helena, Alabama, United States #1671

FYI: Luv my pet doesn't throughly examine your pet. They state exactly what they do: provide vaccines at an affordable cost.

They are not a pet hospital. And as far as your puppy vomiting, it could of been an obstruction, or parvo, or something. That is what a good vet does, investigate. I saw a puppy die from an obstruction (he ate a sock).

Symptoms: vomiting. And even if your pet wasn't obstructed, there are many things that could cause vomiting.

By the way, the first year of a puppies life is very expensive. $375 is a deal.

When you add up all the vax, exams, hw test, fecals, dewormings, (like a responsible owner should do), then it costs about that. If you just want to through your dog up on the vax table for his shots, and not get a thorough exam, then so be it.

Fairfield, Alabama, United States #1625

My suggestion is that you find a VCA hospital. Their mission statement reads "where you pets health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal" I have been to several locations and always felt as if my pets were receiving the best care and the doctors and staff were always knowledgeable and professional. I would never go to anyone else.

Ashville, Alabama, United States #1538

You are an ***. Dogs, puppies especially can get into things and eat things they are not supposed to.

This is why the doctor did x-rays- to see if their was a visible foreign body. Vomiting is never okay or normal.

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