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When we took Patches, a stray kitten that adopted us, to be neutered we were talked into buying a plan. BAD Mistake.

They told us we would save money because the plan covers everything and is only $25 a month. Found out after neuter plan does not cover shot to put her under, medicine after procedure, etc. I thought the plan was for one year. After one year, I thought I called to cancel but did not keep a record.

IN the meantime the credit card that was linked to the monthly billing was cancelled. After several month we received a letter stating that we were past due. The letter was misplaced in our house, so we got a notice from a collection agency. I called Banfield yesterday to see why are plan was not stopped.

They did not have a record and this is the best part.....Becuase I took the cat in after the first year (cant remember why) it AUTOMATICALLY renewed the contract for a year. NOT Sure how they can do that. Anyway I told the girl that I did not know that and it was not my intention to renew. Too bad she said and you owe $155.

So I paid off the amount and told her I wanted something in writing on the cancellation. She told me that she could not do that. I asked her name....she would only give me her first name...Melanie.

I asked for a supervisor , she transferred to a voicemail ( best she could offer) and big surprise...I have not heard back. So a year and a half later they have $450 from me, on top of the extras, just so we could get the cat neutered and have 2 office visits.....!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Anonymous – I’m sorry that the plan did not meet your expectations. I hear your frustration and would like the opportunity to further understand your concerns. I am hoping that you see fit to contact our Wellness Plan Relations Team at 866-894-7927 or WellnessPlanRelations(at)banfield(dot)net to talk with us about your experience. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and let us know, and we look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager