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I took my pet dog named Bear into your Newnan GA facility on Monday 071111 due to severe cuts and bites from being attacked by another dog which had occurred Saturday night 7911. Well, I was addressed with two treatment plans; one for $1000.00 and the other for $600.00.

After discussing the finances with the Dr on duty we came up with a plan for $300.00(or so I thought). I left Bear there for his treatment and upon my arrival back to pick him up, the entire treatment plan had been revamped with an additional fee of $43.00 in which "charity bucks" paid for. I took my dog home with sutures, pain med, & antibiotics. The next morning Bear's sutures come apart so I called Banfield when I got off work and was told to bring him in the following morning to be resutured for a fee of $120.00.

I explained to the receptionist that I was already in route to the facility and was told to come on since I was almost there and the Dr would look at him. Well that's EXACTLY what she did. She looked at him and told me that he was fine and it was ok that the sutures didn't hold. I then explained to her that he still was not eating and he was not taking the medication so what should I do?

After about maybe 15 mins of begging and pleading for help she went to the back sent out a feeding syringe and piller by the receptionist and I was sent away without any instructions for use or any follow-up instructions. I didn't have any knowledge as to how to use these items but quickly researched it via the internet! (thank God for the internet). These people were really heartless and rude when it came to the care of my pet.

The following day…the 13th, I received a phone call from Banfield asking that me if I would like for them to change Bear's bandages for me, then they could do so for a fee of $30.00 per day along with the proposition that if I cannot care for him then I have the option of surrendering him to a tech there at Banfield who would care for him and give him what he needs!!! How dare she!!! I am not asking for a free ride here, but I was most certainly expecting more than what I got there at Banfield. Just hope that the staff there can get it together and become a more caring team.

Today I called and asked for corporate number and had the pleasure to speak with the office mgr(Kim) and she seem very concerned and helpful and asked that I bring him back in today. I will be taking him back today but I am very disappointed and upset with how your staff has handled this situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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"was told to come on since I was almost there and the Dr would look at him. Well that’s EXACTLY what she did. She looked at him and told me that he was fine..."

Was a physical exam (including Temp, Pulse, Respirations, Abdominal Palpation) done?

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