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I brought my dog to Banfield with what I was 99 percent certain to be a urinary tract infection. The nurse spent more time promoting a wellness plan than she did talking about my dog's issue.

When the vet finally came in, she strated talking about underlying issues and gave me a quote upward of $700 inluding scans, x-rays etc. I said I did not want to do invasive testing at this point, since we had NEVER in my dog's 5 years of life had an issue with his bladder. They revised the quote and told me I would have to bring him back the following day, because they were closing shortly and nobody had notified me to bring my dog with a full bladder. They also wouldn't accept the urine sample I brought in with me.

Mind you, we ended up having to take our dog to a new vet, where they gladly took a fresh urine sample that we brought and were able to easily diagnose the problem. I was told that when we brought him back the next day we would have to pay another office fee of $39.95. So, I asked the vet..."you mean to tell me you can't do anything for me today and I have to pay 39.95 and then I have to bring him back again in the morning and pay another $39.95 office visit not including testing fees?" She confirmed that was correct. I was irrate about paying two office visits for the same issue when I was leaving with an answer or any sort of solution for my dog.

I spoke to the office manager who finally said she would waive the fee for today if I brought him back tomorrow. I told her I did not know if I would be able to return the next day and that I was utterly disgusted with the care (or lack thereof) that I had received that day. I did not return the next day, and received a very rude call saying I had been sent to collcations. No invoice, no bill, nobody tried to call me and now I ma in collections for a *** service and NO diagnosis of my dog.

We ended up going to a new vet entirely, where my dog received the care I wihs he would have received from Banfield. I am severing all ties with Banfield and would encourage you to do the same if you are looking at your pet's best interest.

Bandfield is out to make a buck and couldn't care less about their patients well being. This place is a scam.

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Dear anonymous,

I am neither "high maintenance" nor a "raging ***". I simply expect a certain level of care for my pet and I didn't find it at Banfield.

I was extremely happy with the second vet clinic we visited, they actually diagnosed and took care of my dog and for a fraction of the cost I was quoted at Banfield for that matter. I'm just trying to help out those who are considering using Banfield so that people don't have a similar experience as I did.


Dear Banfield,

How can you say that you are currently "unaware" of this situation when I called your corporate office to complain right after the incident? I also spoke with the local office manager numerous times, so to say you are unaware can't possibly be true.


I think Amonymous works for Banfield and is upset for being outed


Your complaint screams high maintenance raging ***. If you would get off your arrogant high gorse, you would see they were probably trying to do what was best for your dog, not just for that appointment but for the future.

Get that stick out of your *** and smell the roses. If you went to your doctor for a bladder infection, they would make you *** in a cup for a test first. Since dogs can't communitcate, they need tests to confirm the problem. Had it been something else causing the issue and they did not do the proper testing and your dog just got sick again, you would just get pissed that they did not solve it wih the first visit because you would be out more money.

What were you thinking?

Like I said, ***! :(


We took our cat in for worms. They tried pushing the wellness package, then tried to push vaccines and rabies shots.

We agreed on the rabies and the vet said that the respiratory vaccine wasn't "necessary" because that is usually for kittens. We wasted $40 3 weeks later because we thought he would be getting another worm shot (as a booster) but they said since he was fine he didn't need anything. Well, I could have looked at his *** and told you that.

And then this was a different vet that again, the wellness package and said that he HAD to have the vaccine even though the other vet said it wasn't necessary. the interest in the animals or is there commission given out for their plans and vaccines.


Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention. We sincerely get a kick out of squeezing you dry for every penny and providing abysmal customer support.

Client advocate team? Try "argue with customer team." Ha! Do you think we ever side in your favor. Nope.

Not once.

We are currently unaware of your situation, and it doesn't really matter if you call us to speak with us because nothing will be resolved in your favor. Sincerely, Banfield Corporate Slaves.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way, we are currently unaware of this situation and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly so we can gather more information. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288, thanks you.