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My 10-month-old Shih Tzu, his name is Maxx, was neutered, Dec. 23, 2011. Dr. Shani Scherr performed the procedure and did an excellent job. However, three days later, Maxx started vomiting small amount of coffee ground secretions, once on the third after surgery, and twice the fourth day and one black, tarry stool noted. The fourth day, December 30, I call Banfield; Dr Scherr was not working that day. Instead, I opted to see Dr. Mike. This was Maxx first time seeing her. The veterinarian has a complete preoperative profile, a complete history pre and post op, and clinical vital signs, which were within normal limits. In addition, I brought in a stool sample. Dr. Mike stated that the stool was extremely helpful. She also commended me for noting the signs and symptoms and bringing Maxx in immediately. It is apparent Maxx has stomach ulcer. Stomach ulcer is not particularly difficult to diagnose especially in Maxx's case, since he just had surgery four days before. Nevertheless, what is the cause for Maxx's stomach ulceration, possibly non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), perforated stomach, or/and stress. Dr. Mike informed she needed to do some blood work. Okay I agreed. Dr Mike explained the tech would give you papers to sign, giving permission to lab tests. Wow! Diagnostic labs were $206.00 dollars. Dr. Mike did a superchem, complete blood count (CBC,) and comprehensive urine analysis. Instead, maybe she could have ordered CBC, routine chemistry consist which consist of Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), and Chloride (CL), that would check electrotypes, in which to verify fluid lost, dehydration, and abnormal electrolytes, etc. A white blood count (WBC), if increased, signifies infection and basic urine test. The most economical way to check for blood, infection, etc in the urine is by dipping a chem-strip, which identifies these aforementioned elements in the urine, or not.

I am notified after the lab work is completed, approximately 20-30 minutes. Dr. Mike informs no significant findings from labs. However, Maxx developed a stomach ulcer due to Rimadyl 50 mg IV given for pain in the hospital (Banfield) after he was neutered and Meloxicam, which given more than 24 hours after Rimadyl IV. Moreover, because these are two different NSAIDs this resulted in a stomach ulcer. Dr. Mike's treatment plans consist of intramuscular (IM) antibiotic, intravenous (IV) fluids and Sucralfate used to treat ulcers. It adheres to damaged ulcer tissue and protects against acid and enzymes so healing can occur. The cost would be another $300.00 dollars for these in house treatments. In additional, I need to buy two or three prescriptions that were not included in this $500.00 dollars office visit. Not to mention, I am in the Uniformed Service, and the way my leave (request time from work) is calculated since Christmas was on a Sunday, then Monday, December 26 is given as the Christmas holiday. Prior to December 27, I took leave from December 19 to 23. In order not to be charged leave from December 24 thru 27, I would have to return to work on December 27. However, I did not return to work on the December 27, due to an over inflated situation. This visit left me emotionally and financially outraged, but most of all it is an insult to my intelligence.


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although the company must respond to your complaint, I'm not sure what it really is?

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Chirel27- Thank you for providing this feedback, we apologize that your visit to one of our hospital was unsatisfactory. We have located your records and forwarded your comments onto our Client Advocate Team, someone from the hospital will follow-up with you shortly.