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Well I made my concerns known to the banfield corporate office. Due to the inability for one of their vets total miss reading of an xray and failure to place a splint on a type IV fracture. Leaving my 3 and 1/2 month old puppy to suffer all night.

Mind you this vet said it was not broke but dislocated and she was unable to reset the elbow. Two different vets state that it was clearly broke in the first set of x rays taken at Banfield.

You all will be glad to hear that Corporate reviewed my concerns and found no wrong doing. That tells you a lot about Banfield. You will also be glad to know that a highly skilled surgeon operated on my puppy and she is now doing just fine. The surgeon was more concerned about helping than making a buck. He waived his fees, billed for facility charges, medications, x rays and supplies only. And no he is not in any way connected with Banfield. God help the animals who go to Banfield.

All I really wanted was acknowledgment of error. That would have at least given me some hope that this wouldn't happen to some other pet. If you do not know how to read an x ray say so. Don't play with the well being of someones family member. Banfield is about the all mighty dollar. And while I believe vets should get paid they should also have a heart and be educated.

I also have to wonder about their solution to people who cant afford costly care. Give up the animal and we will turn it over to rescue league after we take care of medical problem. Banfield is connected with PetSmat who host animal adoptions with a local rescue league that gets funding and SELLS pets cats up to $285 and dogs as much as $375. Makes you wonder why the suggest that . Rather than to a University of Veterinary School. Without standing doctors and students. Low cost and funding to help.

My puppies surgery cost me less than $600 including the hospital stay. 75 percent mobility the moment all bandages came off and improving daily.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Well let me just say this. Three other clinics and surgeons said the surgery would be about 2700 to 3500.

The Vet at the Vet College performed the surgery . And yes I was concerned about cost as well as the pain my puppy was in. Bad economy hard times. I would have given my puppy up if I were not able to afford the care.

It would of broke my heart and my kids but I need a roof over their heads and food in their tummys. No I am not a fool. I get ever company needs to make a profit. And I agree one bad experience with one vet in an organization so large does not make the entire company bad.

Yes I was upset about the error. More so then non existing splint for gosh sake. But I did not become as upset as I was until the doc from there said the she knew it was a severe fracture and that she told me that but that I insisted that she just try and put the elbow back in place. Also said that she intended to splint it but couldn't find anything to splint it with.

And didn't think to tell us that it was not splinted. When I had the opportunity to speak with the regional director for Banfield rather than listen to a message and explain the whole situation. Let me tell you the director was concerned. Did look into it, called me back again and said the Doc said she felt pressured into doing something that she herself was not comfortable with doing.

She wasn't pressured said "I will try to set it if you would like. How were we to know that she felt she shouldn't be doing it. Regional director plan to meet with her to help her learn from this. The director said that this vet was 2 years post grad and perhaps has some more to learn, as to how to deal and communicate with consumers.

I would of rather her say that she wasn't comfortable treating this injury, than do what she did.

At least the director got what I was saying, or maybe I am a fool, sucker,whatever and the director is just pulling one over on me too. But at least the director knows how to play the game right.


Haha, you think the other vet gave you a deal? Doubt it...

You say he charged for facility charges, x rays, medications, and supplies ONLY? What a joke! I have worked at a vet before, and the vet's "fees" are really just extra. The vet is already making money off of what is being charged with the so-called "facility charges" and x-rays.

Just because somebody at Banfield missed something, doesn't make this other vet a saint. In my experience, lots of private practice veterinarians try to "come to the rescue" when it comes to something that has been dealt with through a competitor.

Banfield offers great deals in comparison to what a private practice will charge you, and it sounds like you are gullible enough to believe the contrary. How unfortunate!


Let's not be naive now... Jed is right, everybody is trying to make money, private practice or big company like Banfield, they are all the same.


It sounds like all you were concerned with is the "almighty dollar" as well. This new vet clearly waived all fees in an attempt to get your business...

duh. Nothing in this world is free. No business is trying to lose money.

It's all a competition for your business. That sucks that you had a bad experience with one vet at one Banfield, but thats no reason to pigeon-hole all Banfields into the "bad practice" category, come on now.


Thank you for distinguishing the difference in having space in PetSmart and being apart of the business. I never received a straight answer from anyone whether they were owned by the same corporation.

As for rescue leagues I think they do a great service and yes they do charge that much to adopt around here. But that's not to say that the hospital may have some contract to perform vet services. and maybe that way they a sure making some money rather than risk a payment plan that may or may not get paid.

And if the Dr. there do not know how to read x rays they shouldn't be reading them.

I understand mistakes happen and even Dr.

are humans. But please own the mistake, make me feel like the next X ray you won't make the same mistake.


Banifield has been good to my dog but I have experienced that the Dr.s seem to be new to vet field. Maybe this is where they do their intership. The turnover in AZ at my Dr office is high. Dog is almost 2 yrs and have had 3 different DR.s. Live in the SW and took my dog in with cactus spines. Dr never saw cactus spines. Had to show him how to remove. Didn't have enough hands to remove myself besides have a maintenance program with Banifield. They are ok for minor things but I would go to a real DR for a major issue. Also had services done that were not needed. DR talked me into, said important. Didn't find out till later I paid for something that was not necessary.

Banifield is separate from PetsMart and also from grooming studio. Grooming and Banifield have problems working together. Left dog with Banifield had appointment with grooming. Someone was supposed to transfer to grooming for a bath before I pick her up, never happens. Grooming lost a lot of money from me. Wash the dog myself. Banifield good for shots and small services.

PS Still have maintenance contract. It's a good deal. Just know what your asking for before using.


PetSmart gets nothing from the adoption events. They simply provide a place for the shelters to go to get more access. All the money that comes through the adoptions go to the shelters. I have NEVER heard of a shelter rehoming a dog for more than $150. Ever, and I've been working with shelters for years. The volunteers from the shelters don't get the money either - it is put back into the shelter, providing more care, food, and other such things to the animals.

While Banfield has a relationship with PetSmart, they are two completely different companies with completely different policies. It is not fair to blame PetSmart for the doings of Banfield and vice versa.

I am very, very glad to hear that your pet is doing much better, and am sorry about the terrible experience you had at Banfield :(