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I used Banfield's insurance starting in July 1, 2012. It was paid up front for the whole year.

2013, we renewal and again paid for the whole year. In 2014, I stated to pay for the full year, but somehow got put on a monthly pay plan. In June of 2015, I informed the gal at Banfield Pet Hospital (yearly checkup and shots) when asked about the insurance renewing the insurance, I said "No", I needed to think about it and would be back in before July 1, and I can decided by then if I wanted to renew. Guess what, on July 1, they charged my credit card and have been charging it each month.

I had gone twice to the hospital to clear this up, but to no avail. I called their 800 number on Nov. 3 and the guy lead me to believe that he would look into and take of this. No he did not.

They continued to bill me...I had to cancel my AmEx, and then they charged my other card (visa). I had to cancel it as well. I wrote them a letter in Dec. Still they did not cancel.

In January 2016, I called their 800 number and spoke with a customer representative; I asked him what does it take to cancel this insurance; he stated he could not cancel it while there is a balance owed on it and stated the call I made on Nov. 3, 2015 that guy could not cancel it either. In January of 2016, Banfield sent me and stated that the matter will be turned over to a collection agency, if I did not pay the bill immediately. Again, the amount had increased for another month of billing.

January 2016, I wrote back and sent in a check to get rid of them and to keep my excellent credit rating. I wrote on the check, paid in full, and in the letter, stated they have to agree to cancel the insurance and not to send this matter to collections. March 2016, if they did not cash the check, and they had sent it to a collection agency, with two more months of billing added to the amount they claim I owed.

There goes my good credit. What does it take to get them to cancel it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Billing and poor corporate policy.

Monetary Loss: $254.

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You obviously knew it would automatically renew on July 1st, since you said you would come in BEFORE that date.

Well you obviously didn't go in before the renewal date like you said you were going to, since it was automatically renewed on July 1st.

So with that part, you have no right to complain.

The staff in the actual hospitals cannot cancel the plan or set it not to renew.

Only corporate can do that.

The cancellation policy is if you cancel before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe, or the services you've already used (at cost), whichever is CHEAPER.

As for you sending the check. Maybe they didn't receive the check? I would definitely call them. They should be able to explain.

All you can do at this point is just pay the collection agency.

It does not effect your credit until it's been in collections for a certain amount of time (I believe it's 90 days or something like that). I don't work at Banfield anymore, but I did for years.


Good luck clearing this mess up.

In the fine print on your original Wellness Plan contract it states the contract will automatically renew at the end of the year if you fail to call the corporate office 30 DAYS prior to the expiration date of your current contract, in order to cancel an automatic renewal of the Wellness Plan.

Now, my question is if your original Wellness contract was paid in full on your AMX credit card. What legal right does Banfield have to make charges on another CC they may have on file without your consent.

Another words, your signature authorizing Banfield to make charges on a different credit card other then your AMX?

As for Banfields threats and unauthorized charges to your CC. If need be go on line and file a complaint with your local States Attorney's Office, Federal Trade Commission and even the BBB.

And let your CC issuer know Banfield is charging your CC without your consent or signed authorization.

If worse comes to worse, If you have a family attorney give him/her a call regarding the matter.