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I have Banfield insurance and get a "free" dental cleaning once a year. It is not free, never has been free.

Every cleaning the vet said more teeth needed to be pulled. This time is is $440 for three teeth. I don't have it but felt too guilty to say no. So I said yes and then talked to people here at work about it.

They said if my dog had not been in any pain and had been eating all right, there was no reason to pull the teeth. They convinced me to call back and tell the vet not to pull the teeth. Within 20 minutes I called back and those teeth were already pulled. So I'm paying $440 for 20 minutes of work?

I feel so taken advantage of.

I'm cancelling the insurance and never taking my dog there again. I would not recommend Banfield to anyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $440.

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LOL! The corporate shill posting for this company is a perfect representation of their customer service.

Aside from the first 2 sentences, it's the same pasted response everyone else gets. And believe me, calling them isn't going to change anything. They just want to post to make people think they care. All this company cares about is money.

Think about it. What other vet pressures you into signing up for a plan that you have to make monthly payments on, even if your pet dies?

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Alwysonadiet – We are sorry to hear of your experience with the dental cleaning. I understand that you found this situation to be stressful, and our Client Advocate Team would like to assist you personally. If you have additional concerns or would like to discuss your experience in further detail, please contact our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or at cat(at)banfield(dot)com. In regard to the cancellation of your plan, we encourage you to contact our Wellness Plan Relations Team at 866-894-7927 or WellnessPlanRelations(at)banfield(dot)net to tell us more about what happened so they can follow-up with you about the situation.



Banfield Online Community Manager

@Banfield Pet Hospital

Wondering why I bring my cat with a sore bottom (due to urinary crystals) as per her reg vet..who didn't have an appt for her...and I leave with a cat with an equally sore and smelly bottom! because nobody bothered to clean her at Banfield.

Yet CLAIM to have done all kinds of UNESSESARY tests on her.

End up being sold your useless WELLNESS plan and come home short of two Meds that I paid for and NEED and one I paid for and didn't need or receive. Meanwhile cost of your SERVICE to me if I cancel comes to $589. I am a single mom.

What a shocker.

My vet is a REAL vet, he charges $70

He charges $44 for a urinalysis. You charge $108.23. WHY

My cats *** didn't even get cleaned up, I had to do it myself

What's up with this picture. Taking my cat next Saturday to see a REAL vet, her own vet.

It wish I never heard of Banfield. 760-294-8511