Monroe, North Carolina

I came home from a psychiatrist appt and getting more spinal x-rays. When I got out of the car and came to the back gate, I noticed my brother and sister-in-law let the doggies out. However, Nicholas(my beloved Chihuahua) was not there to great me.

I walked up the back deck's ramp, and I figured he was inside. Then, I saw him near the table on the deck. He was bloody and cowering, crying and shaking.

His whole hind leg was torn open. I was hysterical. I could see his muscles moving and his bone. The flesh was hanging where it was torn in a "V."

I picked him up and started running toward the back gate. I started crying and screaming for my dad. My dad ran back to the car and pulled it as close as he could to the fence. We called Banfield, who was 5 min til closing. They said to rush him over here and that they could stay open as late as he needed.

When we got to Petsmart, we ran through the back to Banfield (which rents space inside Petmart). Some kid asked to pet him, but I said "sorry he's sick" and kept running. They (the vet and a pet nurse), took him and another pet nurse was there to comfort me.

The vet assessed his wound and determined it was from a large dog. Amazingly, he didn't go into shock. She gave us an estimate of $500.00. I was allowed to stay with Nicholas while he was being put under anesthesia. We soon left to go back to the waiting room. We went and bought an Elizabethan collar (cone collar to prevent chewing at sutures.) An hour later, he was done and wrapped in a towel. He was so out of it, and his tongue was sticking out of the side of his mouth.

They gave an x-ray to make sure there was no internal organ damage and checked his blood/vitals. His wound was thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and his skin was stitched back together. A total of 18 stitches.

We figure it's Lyla (the German Shepherd/border collie mix). She has a bit of a mean streak and has snapped/snarled, but never done anything like this. Her tooth went so far under the skin and it just missed his stomach/intestines. He is a lucky dog. He was extremely brave and sweet through the whole thing. He is sitting next to me on the bed and quietly whining as he breathes. He gave me kisses even though he seems to be in a great deal of pain.

Let me tell you, vets at different Banfield locations may be different, but mine are amazing. They are so hard working and really care about animals. They tell you the price upfront and explain everything to you. My vet/ pet nurses were unphased by the fact that they stayed two hours over time. The price was also far under what a normal vet- or emergency vet would charge.

People say all kinds of things about Banfield (the veterinary chain), some good, some bad.. but it's really a wonderful thing and conveniently the closest veterinary practice. He was losing a lot of blood, so we wouldn't have been able to get him to the emergency vet in Charlotte without him at least going into shock.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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In the end, it really is all about making a connection with the vet staff at the Vet that you chose for your pets. I know I had a scare a few months back, back in October.

My dog had eaten food (that someone had carelessly left behind when there was a halloween party at my house. My room was locked too! But my brother unlocked the door and let his friends in.) that was wrapped in tin foil and spoilt. My dog managed to get a hold of the food.

(i'm guessing a hamburger?) and ate it all. The next day, my dog threw up all over the place, in his vomit was worms. I called the nearest pet hospital and it turned out to be a Banfield. When I took him there, the people were waiting for me and took him in.

To this day, they saved his life.

I do go to a even closer Banfield location nowadays, and I know that staff there very well. I can say for sure that Banfield is my number one vet because they geniunely care about my dog.


The experience by tvictoriaf and comment by Lily must be anomalies. Yes, this is 3 years later and some Banfields may have different policies, but, from my experiences AND reading dozens of posted comments, Banfield fails miserably on emergencies and competence.

Over the ten years we had our cat, Sam, enrolled in their "Wellness Plan," they were never available for emergency care -- we had to take him to another local vet or, if during "normal business" hours, drive to another Banfield location, as much as 20 miles away. We finally got fed up, when we called to ask for an exam -- two days after a routine physical and our Sam could not stand, walk, eat or use sandbox -- and they expressed no concern and had us bring him in the next day. Turns out they had torn his eardrums -- both of them -- when they cleaned his ears. They never treated him for the symptoms and told us to go see a "specialist" (a referral only pet hospital -- read "referral fee" for Banfield).

We took him to another local vet and he was treated.

But, Sam developed series of issues as a result of lack of care -- continuing vertigo, eating disorder, digestive problems. He survives, after a month, but his behavior makes it seem like he has aged years because of Banfield's negligence.


I think Banfield, like any other business, has its strengths and weaknesses. I have a regular vet but use them for routine vaccinations and after-hours emergencies.

So far, so sounds like you are a great pet owner and lucked into a terrific staff at your local PetSmart. I'm so glad to hear Nicholas will be ok!

Banfield Receptionist

Can't speak for other vets, but we have done this all the time.

Not only do i help the pet, but i rack in 20 hours overtime every week


You are one of the few lucky ones to have a good encounter with Banfield. The one in the capitol state of OR never takes morning appointments, doesn't stay late and no doc for over 2 hrs at lunch.

Also notice alot of employee turnover. Not a good sign.