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Banfield PetsMart Pet Veterinarian Hospital Review Complaint.

I want to pay Banfield Petsmart Pet Hospital with my CARE Veterinarian Pet Health Care credit card and said you have to spend $250+ to use the Care Credit Card. With the economy I cannot afford to pay for pet care except with the Care Credit Card.

Why does Banfield want you to spend $250+ for vet services in order to have permission to pay for services with my Care Credit Card. I did call some other veterinarians and they will take the Care Credit Card for any amount for vet care services and for pet medications. I will no longer go to Banfield as if they refuse to help me out and let me use my

interest free Care Credit Card, then I will never use Banfield. There is also a Citibank Veterinarian Health Credit Card and Banfield does not that at all.

I do not recommend Banfield as they refuse to help those out who are financially strapped in this severe economic depression. I want to take care of my pets when needed but I expect a Vet Hospital to take the CARE credit card or the Citibank Vet Pet Health Credit Card so it is easier for me to pay my vet bills.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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$250 is the minimum charge for Care Credit to not charge you interest. If it's under that amount, they will charge you 27%apr so really - Banfield is trying to help you out.


Not necessarily true. When I first got my care credit card, I was given a promotion of 18 mos same as cash.

After i paid that off, my next purchase was only 9%, fixed until paid.

I often use this card for purchases far below $250.00, and have never been charged such an outrageous APR! It is possible that credit scores or state regulations play a part in this discrepancy, however I can't see how the difference would be so drastic.


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Care credit gave that minimum of 250 to banfield. It's their policy not banfields.

@Call care credit

No it is not! I've talked with Care Credit.

They have given NO minimum to Banfield. Even the person at Banfield's front desk stated it is a Banfield thing!


Banfield changed this minimum about 4 years ago. Theres now no minimum to use Care Credit interest free, but the lower the charge, the less interest free time you can get (6 months vs 12 or 18 months)