Asheville, North Carolina
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Going to Banfield is like buying a car. They start at a crazy amount to see if you will pay the price to get your pet well...

then they go back and forth to talk to the the vet. to bring the price down to what you will pay ! Good luck if you go here, I have read nothing but complaints on this place nothing good and all saying the same thing, Money scam. I suggest unless you are looking to catch up on your car buying skills don't go to Banfield.

Seek out a good vet. Not a chain of Commission based non caring individuals.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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kelly weldon

I asked a question about costs and they threw me out... but told me to pay my bill on the way out. Horrible place.


I cannot believe that banfield is getting away with this ridiculous plan! I was so foolish is enrolling into the wellness plan.

A waste of money! This wellness plan is a SCAM!


I have also had a similar situation. Too painful to explain. I hope consumers read reviews and will make a good decision based on consumer reviews.