Phoenix, Arizona

In 2011, I took out a Wellness Plan" for my dog in the amount of $511.00 for 1 year.

In May 2012, I relaized my plan was over & I had to take my dog in for a eye check.

I inquired about my plan not being in effect anymore & was told, " Don't worry, You are still under your plan" We'll take care of your dog's needs today."

I was not sure how this could be, as I NEVER renewed, nor spike with the Banfield Pet hospital about renewing my plan EVER.

I had a eye check done for the amount of $74.05 & I paid by VISA.

I was then told that I had a plan for another year!!! ( WITHOUT MY APPROVAL, OR MY ACCEPTANCE)

I called the 1-888 corporate office & was told, "That's too bad, We have your credit card & we're going to charge it for another year or as long as we want"!!!! I was SHOCKED that they can SCAM you WITHOUT your AUTHORIZATION for as long as they wish!!

I was told the plan was now in effect for another 12 months for another $511.00!! I tried to " downgrade" it to a basic plan & again I was told "NO WAY" WE HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD" This is absolutely ILLEGAL!!!

I was still in shock & now needing to take this into litigation against Banfield to STOP them from charging my credit card for a plan I DID NOT WANT, NOR AUTHORIZE OR NEED!!

PLEASE DO NOT sign their agreements for "Welness Plans"! THEY ARE SCAMMING THE PUBLIC!!

A horrible experience, and in addition to the $74.05 I paid today, My dog STILL has the same eye infection she was treated for several months ago ( At Banfield- Scottsdale) I'm appalled!

R. George

Scottsdale, AZ

What a HORRIBLE company this is!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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If you didn't sign a new contract, you're not responsible for the year.

Tell them THAT and you should get a better response.


My 1 yr old pup was attacked by another dog. Even though she was walking and acting fine they pressed me to do exploratory surgery because the teeth marks were deep.

Banfield first gave me an estimate of $200 (What the health plan didnt cover) It ballooned up to over $1200 after they kept pressing me to do more and more. When I expressed concern for the costs they told me to go borrow $ from friends, family, or get my credit limit upped. They didnt give me instructions on how to care for her and the infection was rampant. I finally pressed them for step by step demo of how to care for the wounds and they told me to pretty much plan on another surgery at the next visit so I should start trying to get $ from my friends.

My question is: why did they have to cut her sooooo much?

45 staples to close her for a few deep teeth marks and she didn't even have any internal damage for them to fix - it was just exploratory! :cry


I see that you posted this complaint last month. I pray you have since taken your dog to a new vet for proper care.

You could also call your credit card company, tell them what is happening and see what they can do for you.

At the very least, close that account and open a new one. Good luck.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi, R'. George –

I apologize that your recent experience was not a happy one. I hear your dissatisfaction, and let me assure you that we want to be sure that we provide the best possible care for your dog. I can certainly understand how you would be frustrated to find an unexpected charge on your credit.

If you are willing, would you please consider calling 877-500-2288, the toll-free number of the Customer Advocate Team? We would like to work with you to ensure your satisfaction – we truly want to provide the value and care you and your dog deserve.

I have also sent information about your experience to our team so we can work to provide better communication to customers.


Lisa R

Banfield Online Community Manager


It's a corporate company and if someone honestly told you "WE HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD!" You would pull a lawyer a.s.a.p.

It's one thing to have a legit complaint, it's another to exaggerate your situation. People like you are sickening.

@I think someone's nose is grow

To the *** "think someone's nose grow", First of all how tf would you know if they're complaint legit or not unless you actually went through what they went through. You fat retarded ***.

You probably work for Banfield to be making such a f*ckin retarded statement. You piece of dog ***