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Horrible, horrible place. They conned me into their wellness plan and almost killed my kitten in the process.

Above and beyond that the veterinarian (Stephanie Monitor) is mean, nasty, unprofessional and combatitive. I have never been to a veternarian who put money in front of an animals well-being. I'm in the process of reporting the vet to the state licensing board. DO NOT buy into the wellness plan - it's all about money not your pet with no way to opt out -- NO WAY.

Not only that they have some corporate muckedy muck call if you miss a payment(we didn't miss, our cards switched over and I neglected to let them in on the secret) and in no way shape or form can they send you a paper invoice - I've never heard of such an operation.

It's all a scam. Stay away. Bad, bad people.

Find a little mom and pop vet and you'll be way better off -- your pet will love you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Is this location a Charter (Dr. owned), a Partner (part Dr.

owned), or an Associate (Dr. has no ownership at all) hospital??

Most are not Charter hospitals. Hence, i HIGHLY doubt that this DVM is a "busienss woman" (i laugh at that comment).

Bets are the APC (Average Patient Charge) rules the roost or the corporate nags come down on the DVM (goal is usually $100 to $110 per client/pet visit, and this number is watched like a hawk folks). Gratz!


I agree that the wellness plan is a scan and you can't get out of it. I have had so many bad experiences with this specific pet hospital. If you love your animal, do not take them here.


The comments defending the vet are suspicious. Real clients do not troll sites like this looking for opportunities to defend their vets.

I would put money on the fact that you guys are plants -- either you work there, or you are friends of the vet, or you ARE the vet herself!

Banfield is posting reviews on itself! That is unscrupulous!

BTW I know for a fact that all vets do not love animals, check out badvetdaily.blogspot.com


I agree with Sarah. Dr.

Montor is very knowledgeable and very polite toward her customers. Yes, she is professional and one must understand that she is also a business person. I have had her treat my 4 dogs, and they have done very well while under her care. She is very empathetic toward each situation and not "money hungry" as some other veterinarians this area.

If she were to leave Banfield and open her own practice, my pets will go with her. We must remember that the wellness plans are exactly what they are. You pay for preventative medicine on a monthly schedule.

If you add teeth cleaning and vaccines the plans pay for themselves. To maintain ourselves and our pets healthy and avoid disease, we must practice preventive medicine.


You have the grades to make it into any carreer, nut you chose Veterinary medicine. We chose a profession that is to cure, and therefore, we must also be polite to the patients, be it animal or human and their families. As a physician we need to worry about the financial aspect of our practice, but we must show repect to our clients.


I agree with the vet student above - this lady does not know what she is talking about. Dr.

Montor is very sweet but she is also a business woman - and deals with the financial aspect of caring for your pet like a professional. wellness plans furthermore are pre-paid packages of PREVENTATIVE VX AND TESTS. They are not treatment plans or insurance.

... read the agreement before you sign and maybe you'll feel better about your decisions in the future.


I would not place all Banfield in with all the bad apples, The one in San Antonio is Great at Agora Parkway-Yet we have run in to a BadBad Apple her in Charlotte in some small town call Pineville where money is much more inportant then your Pet. we where Quoute approx.

$300.oo for an Ear Swab for our pet . what gives either you are in a plan or your not . it sound to me that not all Banfield are in thier own Plan. Or i should say some have made their own Plans.

What a BAD BAD Place Pineville Banfield in N.C. stay away.


what did she say that was nasty on combative i wonder if you are going to complain that someone called you for your own mistake? BTW this is a different sarah, it's just funny that we both are commenting on this.


I COMPLETELY disagree with this person... I am a vet student from Canada who came down and spent a few months working with Dr.

Montor this summer as a learning experience. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic veterinarian, and most certainly NOT "nasty, unprofessional and combative". In fact, during 4 months working with her, I never once saw her get angry or raise her voice at anyone! Also, Wellness plans are not a money grab...

They end up saving you a ton of money compared to paying full price for the same services, and mainly function to ensure pet owners follow through with their preventative care (one of the major problems in our profession is client compliance -- if you've paid in advance for your services, there's a much greater chance you'll actually follow through and have them done). If you changed credit cards and didn't tell Banfield (and missed a payment as a result), that's your problem -- not theirs! You should be responsible for your own financial agreements and understand fully what they entail. What would have happened had you missed a car payment from the same mistake?

Would you be slandering the car company? Anyone reading this should not be deterred from going to Dr. Montor -- she is an incredibly well qualified and kind veterinarian. And please remember, vets as a rule are NOT in this profession for the money!

We have the grades to get into medical and dental school, yet choose to go into a profession where we work far worse hours and get paid less for it, along with getting less respect. And why do we do it?

Because we love animals. Period!