Livingston, New Jersey

I came in at midnight with my yorkie trying to give birth - I set in the reception 30 min before being sent to a little exam room set in there another hour listening to the very young girls out front and a young tech (male) laughing and talking with each other - then a new client walked in and they all carried on - mean while my dog is spasming in pain and I am stressed to the max - finally I holler out and ask for someone to wait on me before my dog dies - a clerk from the front comes into my room hollers out the back door of the room a name I hear a response - but anohter hours passes with them laughing and carrying out front and me and my dog horrendously suffering in the little exam room by ourselves! Finally, I open the door and holler out again does my dog have to die first? Then finally the teck comes in with a snotty attitude - walks back out the vet walks in and starts to very rudely tell me off mean as heck! How dare I holler at his staff of retarded teenagers or so the acted. I am 58 I own 2 business and am more than willing to take and pass a polygraph to all I am stating.

After he gets through with is obnoxious oration telling me off - I tell him I was not rude but begging for help and explained to him what exactly was going on - he said I will have a talk with them to find out if what you are saying is the truth - like I am a liar!

Comes back and apologizes - 21/2 hours down now, dear God in heaven!! Finally they do a c-section - get 2 tiny premies - and I hear the pups born - hear them talking - and they wait another 2 hours to come in and tell me 2 premies were born. The bottomline I went through pure *** because of them and so did my dog... who went out of her head from what they did was never normal again and I had to put her down - the puppies died the next day... thank you Banfield for your lies - verbal and physical abuse and now they are demanding that I pay them over $1,300.00 for this!!

Where is the justice in this world - Banfield should have its butt sued off and forced to shut down!

Instead they are like Walmart shoving all the good emergency clinics out of business just by shear numbers.... Eventually what goes around comes around and even corporations and their hateful employees will reap what they have sewn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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If you had to wait that long for an emergency then I'm sorry to hear it. Perhaps there were pets in the back treatment area that needed care.

All emergency care is extremely expensive. Speaking of money, I have to wonder if you were in that particular predicament because you were attempting to profit from your beloved companion by selling her puppies. As a vet I warn all my clients who chose to keep their females intact that it can be hazardous to their health.

Pyometra, complicated pregnancies, mammary tumors.... I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you will consider spaying your pet next time no matter who your vet is.


So you bred your Yorkie without having an agreement with a vet who deals in reproduction on call to help with any emergencies? Most Yorkies need a c-section.

Had you consulted with your vet BEFORE you bred her, or allowed her to be unintentionally bred by not having her spayed, you would have known this. They also would have discussed who on staff to call in an emergency or where you should go in an emergency.

And you're angry with the techs and assistants for what? Having the audacity to like their jobs and coworkers and having a good time while working the *** overnight shift? They are not the vet, who was likely with another patient, who made you wait.

Technicians have to take a lot of *** when the doctor is running behind. Maybe they were rude to you, but no one likes to be yelled at for what ever the reason.


I'm not sure where this person is, however I do understand that Banfield will be opening some emergency and specialty hospitals near me. I believe some are already in operation.

They have separate doors, a wall/locking gate between them and Petsmart as well to allow for 24 hour access. I have yet to be in one, but I've heard of them.


I've never heard of a Banfield that's open at midnight., considering they all operate out of Petsmarts which close by 9. For emergencies like labor I would suggest a 24 hour emergency clinic where you would get quicker service.


If this is the truth then you can sue them, but to be honest it's sounds far fetched and over dramatized. What Banfield is open at midnight BTW?

I would hope that if this is the truth that you called there corp office, because the whole staff should be terminated. If anything you should be reimbursed.