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We have always taken our dog to Banfield Animal Hospital/Clinic in PetsMart for her vacinations and check-ups. In February of 2008, we took her again because she was acting very lethargic, her skin was very scaly, no appetite, etc. They did a blood work-up and said her Thyroid was acting up again. With all the bloodwork and office/vet visit, it cost us $450.00. Her Thyroid was high, so they gave us medication, but said we needed to come back in two weeks and have her blood tested again. We did this at least two more times.

On Sat., April 5th, our dog was very sick and would keep her tail between her legs, not eat, extremely lethargic, would hunch her back when she would stand up, and was constipated also. All these symptoms and more were told to the vet and we were told that all these were symptoms that her Thyroid was still out of whack. By this time, it had been 2 1/2 weeks since her blood test and we were never contacted with the results. They claimed they never got the results and had to call the place that did the tests and they had to run the test again. The vet tells me she didn't have a clue as to why our dog was keeping her tail between her legs. She said our dog must be nervous. Our dog has never ever done that before. Anyway, the vet sends us home just saying all this was from the Thyroid problem.

We brought our dog home and on Sun., (April 6th) I woke up and there was blood all over the quilt my dog sleeps on. We had to take her to an Emergency Animal Clinic and found out she had burst an anal gland. They took care of that to the tune of $158.00 and immediately, she was back to her normal self. That papers said we should take her to the vet the next day, so I called Banfield, and was told I couldn't get in until this afternoon because they were full with appointments. I said I needed to get in earlier than that, so they said to come in right away. I got in there and there wasn't a soul in the place.

A different vet came in and I told her how ticked off I was at the results of Saturday's visit and then what happened on Sunday. She checked our dog and made excuses as to why the other vet did not check her bottom. I did not agree with her and told her how I felt. I told this vet that I felt I should not have to pay for this office visit and finally she agreed, so that was one good part, since we have paid close to $1,000.00 so far. The part that ticked me off the most though, was having our dog in there on Saturday. They never checked our dog in the area they should have and had no idea why her tail was between her leg and did a horrible job.

I had called PetsMart groomers to cancel our dog's haircut because of these problems and told the groomer what was going on and she asked me who the vet was and I told her Banfield and she said never to go to them again. They are very bad and overcharge the customer tremendously. I can only say, do not take your dog there. They must hire their vets from the bottom of the barrel.

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I am completely ticked off at the treatment from Banfield Pet Clinic. I so wish I had read these reviews prior to taking my Maltese in for a routine rabies vaccination.

Upon arriving with my pet, I thought it a little weird that the DR. continued to ask if she had been throwing up or sick at all. I continued to tell him no, yet he asked several times. After giving the shot, the Dr.

said that she would be very lathargic. I thought this weird as well, as she is 8 years old and has this shot every year and never has been phased by it at all. When we returned home with our pet, she was not only lathergic, but she was "drugged" looking. Her head hung, she stumbled to the side when she walked, and she went to sleep very soon after getting home.

The next morning, within an hour time frame she had thrown up eight times. she wouldnt get up, she wouldnt eat or drink. When I called the Banfield office, they said "oh, you should bring her in right away". They said she would need 24 hour observation and an IV drip and we are talking hundreds of dollars!!!!

For a routine rabies shot!!! This company is guilty of making your pet deathly sick, in order to make money to "help" them.

I am taking further action and anyone who feels they should do the same is welcome to contact me at yahoo. The name is sneebler1221


It was a Sunday. My vet was closed. I could tell my dog was feeling really bad. He was listles, and couldn't lie down without constantly changing positions. I took him to Banfield because they were open. They did a test and said he had pancreatitis. He would have to stay and have IV antibiotics administered for several days. I didn't question. He was in for maybe 4 days. The bill was $1500.

Several months later the same thing happened. I took him to my vet. The did a test and said he had pancreatitis. They gave me some pills and sent me home. The bill was $200.

Enough said.


Sorry, but I have nothing but praise for our local Banfield. There take excellent care of both of my dogs and treat us like family.

I even had the vets cell phone number after my dogs surgery in case we needed her for any questions. Maybe it depends on the location, but we adore ours.


TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW ABOUT HOW BAD Banfield animal clinic is. We was on vacation.

I called to see if I could give my dog imodium and they said to come in and let them look at her and it would`t cost anything.

First they scare you that you need these test and the meds We was in there for over half hour it cost us $130. After I got home I read alot of bad reviews on Banfield Vet Will not go back :(


i have a 3 month old puppy it was always healthy and playfull until i enrolled in the banfield health program i took it for hid shot and he got very seek for 3 days so far i took back today and they charge me almost $200 dolars for some blood exam even when its from the shot they give to my dog that he its suffering they hook you up with this apparently afordable plan and then they make your dog seek to charge more thats realy bad to make profits from the suffering of an adorable pet


I adopted a 1.5 year old mixed terrier to save him from euthanasia. It turned out he had heart worms so I took him to Banfield for treatment and signed up for the Wellness plan.

They gave him the first treatment by shot and kept him 24 hours for observation. This cost me $225.00 because it was not covered by the plan. I had to go back a week later for shots because they did not want to give the dog anything at the time of the heart worm treatment. The next treatment (a month later) wasn't as easy.

My dog had a respiratory reaction to the shot and had to be put on an IV. He was OK but it was a scare at the time. the Vet said that the next treatment would only be a pil and was much safer. A month later I took my dog in for the final treatment.

This required a pill and 8 hour observation. Apparently my dog got along well with no reaction. When I got there the Vet said that he need 3 shots and treatment for hook worms. I questioned the Vet because they had always said they did not want to do any other treatment with a heart worm treatment.

The Vet said that this was no problem with the pill and that my dog had gotten along very well. She told me that the shots and hook worm treatment was very necessary. 2 days later my dog was dead. I rushed him to the emergency hospital for the vets to try to revive him.

I showed them the treaments the dog had received and they told me it was the cause of his death. He must have had a reaction to all the medicine. A 14 lb. dog with a previous reaction to the heart worm medicine should be treated with caution and caution was not given.

They killed a dog that I went to a lot of trouble to save.

To add insult to injury, I was told that I still had to pay the monthly payment for the wellness program for the remaining 9 months of the year (I only had the dog for 3 months). I will not pay this because they killed my dog with their tratments.


It's very well known that Banfield sell's the Wellness plans only to make money. They have montly goals to reach just like a car salesman.

Plus their corp. office supports bad employee treatment.