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We took our then 8 week old puppy to Banfield here in Overland Park. At first they were so nice and wonderful so we purchased a wellness plan for her.

Our little one is now 4 months old and not feeling well after her last round of shots, so I called to just ask and was told that she had been positive for heart worms and ring worms since her first visit and should be on medication for this. We were NEVER told this info until today. We were told that all her tests had came back negative for those and she was in perfect health. Now we have had to take her to a different vet for treatment and spend even more money.

Banfield will not let us cancel the wellness plan or refund the remaining money. I was told by the "lovely woman" (and I use this term VERY loosely) that I was S. O. L.

If I wanted to pursue this matter it would be a long court battle and "good luck with that". If you want your pet to stay healthy please don't take them to banfield.

All they seem to care about is the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hopefully this response is not too late to help someone else with proper veterinary care.

As a veterinarian, I believe you may been mistaken about being heartworm positive at 4 months old.

I believe that the life cycle of a heartworm from L3 (the infective stage of heartworm which is transmitted by the mosquito) to the adult heartworm (which adult females are what is needed for a standard ELISA snap test) takes about 5-6 months. "Ring worms" are actually ring worm, which is a skin fungus. Banfield (and no other veterinarian, either) can prevent your pet from contracting that disease. Your pet should be on medication for heartworms (to prevent them) and should be treated for ringworm.

There is no free magic pill that cures or prevents every disease.

The information you present is sketchy and I would ask for a better explanation in person (i.e.

speak to the veterinarian, not the receptionist). You should demand good answers for the money you pay any vet, and also realize the money you pay to any establishment (not just veterinarians) is to pay for lighting, heat, salaries for all employees, goods and equipment, etc.


I had a similar situation, I took our 8 week old puppy and enrolled him in a wellness plan. He broke a tooth and went into shock, We took him in, Banfield wanted $700 to take chest x-rays, then $20 for every 15mins they kept him on Life Support.

They finally let us take him home and he subsequently died the next day. Banfield then wouldn't allow me to cancel the plan.

Been paying for a puppy plan for the last 4 months, with no puppy. I will be cancelling all the plans for my other 3 pets, they're a rip off!


Yes ringworm is contagious to humans and is a fungal infection of the skin. More likely your puppy had round worms and tapeworms.

Neither one are easily seen under a microscope. Possibly they sent a *** sample to the lab and received the results after your visit. Their mistake for not calling you.

I would find out what happened and give them a chance to make you happy. Not sure that they will though, they don't have a great reputation for customer service.


4 months old dogs would not even test positive for heartworms. And I'm sure your puppy was diagnosed with rounds. The pyrantel included in your plan takes care of them