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I am a vet that worked for Banfield right out of school. At first I thought it was a good company and we were helping animals.

Now I have seen the light and know what is going on. Banfield severely overbooks and understaffs their clinics. There were days I would see over thirty pets and only have 2 nurses helping me. With 4 exam rooms all filled up people ended up waiting long periods of time before even a nurse got in to see them. Banfield definitely does not pay the nursing or front desk staff well. They give them no incentive to try and increase their knowledge or get further schooling. Rarely will banfield have a registered or certified vet tech. They just don't pay them enough for someone who has gone to school for their career.

As a doctor I can tell you that they don't have proper equipment to handle anything more than routine vaccinations and spays and neuters. Most banfields don't have an ultrasound, which is very helpful in diagnosing many things. At the hospital I worked for we ran out of normal drugs, vaccines, and other things all the time and it was because they always said they didn't have enough money to buy what we needed. That is bull because looking at the numbers with all the banfields where I was they grossed over 1.5 million a month.

Looking at the cost of goods versus what was charged for drugs or tests there was normally a 400 to 500% markup. We received daily flashes showing the production for each hospital in the area and the daily average pet charge. Multiple times the field director or medical director would actually write how with a high APC we were providing the best possible treatment. That is crazy because I knew some vets there that would try and sell all kinds of stuff that wasn't needed to just drive up their APC. So a high APC did not necessarily mean good quality of care. A lot of the time I would write scripts for people to fill at outside pharmacies to save them money.

I really recommend going to somewhere besides Banfield as they really are more concerned with making money. Most of the vets working there really do care about the pets, but because of how over worked they are they don't have enough time for all the pets. And that means unfortunately somethings get over looked. I really hate that while working for banfield I didn't get to spend enough time with each pet. And I grew to resent them because they always were pushing to make more money and get pets in and out as fast as possible.

Basically they suck if your pet needs anything more than routine vaccines or a spay or neuter. There is alot more I could add to this but I will end it for now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Banfield has a hope fund and I was told not to apply because there was no hope that I would recieve it. Go figure. I have a kitten with broken leg.


Sorry, brain ***. I meant X ray.


I totally agree. Do they even have the capability to exray?


Completely agree, worst company ever to work for. They will treat you like garbage no matter how hard you worked or how many times they screwed you over and you stayed around.

Then they'll ban you and your animals. Super great company for sure...not.


Yes they suck. Took my Labrador there and they misdiagnosed his coughing.

They sucked me into signing up for Banfield health coverage. Then I missed a couple payments and they have now dinged my perfect credit! They want $375.0 for nothing! Totally useless.

I did find a worthy Veterinarian (not Banfield), and got proper care for my poor pup. He is doing excellent now living with properly diagnosed, geriatric onset larengyal paralysis. Screw off Banfield, you suck!

9 y.o. Black Labrador.


banfield contributed to the death of my beloved pet and banfield

doesnt care except for their money. what a joke.


The staff are rude, vets that have been there for more than 6 months are horrible. That is why vets dont stay long because they only become concerned about money and not pets health.


I agree... The worst company ever I got sucked into the WELLNESS program.


Take your loved pet to a place were people care... DONT BUY THE WELLNESS PROGRAM......


Banfield in Deptford, NJ killed my sweet Pomeranian, Missy on 11/25/2014. They suck!

I hate them with a passion! Please see my website or find me on FB Banfield Killed Missy or look at the website and see how the owners of Banfield, the Mars Candy Company does deadly experiements on animals. Please boycott ALL Mars popular candy brands!

Mars makes much more than candy too, including the most popular pet food brands! Please boycott all of their products if you hate Banfield!


Banfield does SUCK. It's not regional.

For them, it's all about making money.

Go see a real vet in a real vet clinic...not some *** that's bought into the corporate BS that is Banfield. I won't even shop at Petsmart anymore because of Banfield.


They kill dogs, they don't save them. I still have to pay for a deceased dog! What's up with that?


The above comment by the veterinarian is right on. i worked for this company as a veterinarian part time and while I enjoyed the day to day work with the parastaff and pets, middle management was a continual source of stress and took the joy out of practice.

All they are concerned about is money, money, money, and more , more more!! The charges are outrageous and one is under continual pressure to upsell whether they need something or not! It is a miserable company to work for and despite validation of problems with client retention(50% never return) and employee engagement (same old *** different day) nothing has been done to improve things.

I no longer work there. I am happy in a private practice that knows how to manage both clients and employees and still be profitable!


My dog was spayted twoweeks ago..,shehad afever and was vomitiing took her to banfield theyreferred metoa.24hr.facility turns outthey sutured her urethal tube had to have emergency surgery toremoved one other kidneys :( should not ofhappened


As a former emloyee, I can tell you that Banfield is overpriced, understaffed, and money hungry They also start firing their highest paid staff members for *** reasons in order to hire new people for less pay. They don't care one *** about their employees.

The clinics are dirty and a lot of the emloyees are rude and uncaring. Do NOT work for this company or take your beloved pets to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


banfield is the supercuts of animal care! :cry


and too! papers stated at top of page that my dogs skin, coat, heart, behavior, ect..

was normal. bottom of page state that his "overall condition" was "poor". banfield does suck. the vet (the one who prescribed ear/skin med to put in my dogs eye) and the establishment!


and could have blinded my dog!!! i wouldn't take a dead roach there for disposal!


just took my dog there because of an inflamed eye. i was given dermalone, an ear and/or skin med. WTH,..nothing else is needed to be said!


Actually every vaccine given is a needed vaccine. Parvo is very common in puppies not properly vaccinated.

Bordetella or kennel cough is very common and needs to be vaccinated for. The reason for vaccines is to help prevent the animals from getting sick or lessen the symptoms.

And getting your vaccines at the feed store isn't that smart because you don't know how they were stored or shipped and they may not be good any more. A good reason to have a vet vaccinate your pets is because you are then covered by the guarantee of the vaccine company that if your pet gets sick they are going to pay for treatment.


Really? Every single vaccine?

What school did you go to? They pushed the Porphyromonas vaccine with scant evidence that it worked--it's now discontinued.

They pushed us to vaccinate cats for FIP--a vaccine that isn't recommended by the AAFP. It certainly IS possible to overvaccinate, and Banfield is right up there doing it.


It's not personal with me but Banfield pet plan insurance sucks. Those who work for them know this.

The odds your pet will ever get anything they vaccinate for is not likely and you can buy some things at a feed and grain store. It's the dental that kills your pocket and they say they are cheaper but they lie. If you take your 40 dollars a month and bank it you can pay for a real vet not some corporate device to make the stockholders happy. I love my Chihuahua and when I needed care they blew me off with the BS that it wasn't covered.

Nothing is that you really need, (they know the stats). Until you need them you don't know just how nasty they are. They stopped my plan because I complained and now I have to pay them for a year with no care at all while paying for another vet.

It's all in the fine print how much Banfield cares. javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')


Wow, I must have worked at an amazing Banfield. We had 4 techs per shift and 1 or 2 DVMs.

The only thing I couldn't stand was the "protocol" treatments that we had to offer.

I hated making people feel bad for not buying services that may have been overkill in the first place. We also had great receptionists who helped explain the Wellness plans so people would know exactly what they were getting into.