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I had been a client at my Banfield for over six years and always had recommended it to friends and other people, who adopted dogs from me (I work for a local rescue group). From now on this will change drastically!

My dog was going to have a mass on his chest removed. In addition, I wanted them to look at a wart looking thing on his hip. When I picked up my dog, he had a 5 stitch wound on his thigh instead! No apology, nothing.

Instead, they called it a "misunderstanding", even though the clinic manager had seen the wart in the morning. I had to ask for the fees to be waived, which they eventually did. Two days later, my dog pulls out the stitches of the cut, which he should not have had in the first place! I brought him back to Banfield and filed a complaint, asking not to be charged for the restitching.

The clinic manager refused to meet me even half way, saying that it was my fault, because I basically let my dog pull out the stitches. Furthermore, she told me, that she is not giving me a freebie and that if I refuse to pay the full amount of $426, she will call a collection agency.

I ended up paying the full amount, cancelled my plan immediately and I will also gladly share my bad experiences with Banfield with others. They have proven to be incompetent, unfriendly, and unworthy to get my money.

Banfield is certainly not cheaper than other vets.

Why pay for bad service and get treated like *** on top of that! Shame on you, Banfield!

Monetary Loss: $426.

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Banfield should have not charged for the dog' s stiches coming off!!those are poor business practices. Other vets would have not charged.

It is customary to be treated for the same issue at the same price until it is resolved, with anything even humans!!!!!Shame on Banfield, I also have questioned their practices in the past. No longer doing business with them canceling my plans tomorrow first thing. It is not cost effective anyhow. After ten months off making payments you have paid for services at another vets.

Am glad I found this Web site. I have 2 dogs 7 cats.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Sdfs - Thank you for taking the time to give us honest feedback. I know that you didn't have a positive experience with us, but I am hoping that you see fit to reach out to our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 cat(at)banfield(dot)com so we can discuss your experience in further detail.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Most sincerely, Lisa Banfield Online Community Manager


Babygirl - did you see where I was from before you posted? I've never met another local on here yet, hi-5 for Rockland, hope you & your family are OK after Sandy?

Sdfs - I'm not saying that they are faultless but it does sound like they tried to make up for what is mostl likely a miscommunication. If you mentioned the wart to them only on the day of Sx they may have thought you wanted it taken off as well. Either way they should have confirmed your intentions & any extra costs with you, so yes, they ate the cost of that extra surgery & time they used, as they should have.

Honestly thought the care of a pet once it is home is 100% up to the owner. I'm just saying that the blame here sounds like it is to be shared.


How did ur dog get its stitches out. If it happened at ur house whys that their fault


Meeting me "halfway" for something they messed up??? Dear Petcarer, I am glad that people like you post comments on the internet, because otherwise I would have no idea of how to take care of my dog. You don't know me or my dog, so please don't be too quick with your judgements.


I actually think it sounds like they tried to meet you halfway with waiving the additional mass removal fees over the misunderstanding.

As a pet owner it is YOUR job to take responsibility of YOUR pet once it is out of the hospital to make sure that it doesn't chew out stitches/open a wound.

The Vet can't babysit you 24/7.

Your pet should have been strictly rested & had a cone on at all times until the stitches were removed - did it??? Somehow I highly doubt it.