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I'm completely disgusted with this service. I took my puppy in for a rash and wanted to signed up for the wellness plan because it seemed like a good idea.

They "said" they completed a full comprehensive exam on my pet, retail value of 438$ Meanwhile they only had my pet in their back exam room for about 15-20 minutes. They took blood work, which they told me they were doing, and also gave her deworming medicine, which they didn't tell me. That night my puppy started vomiting uncontrollably for about 2 hours. I immediately looked at my paperwork and found that they gave her the deworming.

The medicine said side effects unlikely but vomiting may occur.

I called the next day and they said that the deworming wouldn't make her vomit. So i took her in to be seen and they wanted to do xrays and a urinalysis to rule out a blockage and UTI. I said no to both because my pet seemed fine.

I saw the vet for about a couple minutes with each visit and was at the vet for a hour and a half the first time and 2 hours the next day. They only saw my pet a total of 15 mins between both visits.

I called the company to cancel my plan because i was so unhappy and they told me that i needed to pay the whole cost of my visit in order to cancel, or just pay for the rest of they year. I've only had the plan for 3 days and they don't want to help me out at all.

They told me to file a complaint with the advocate center.

it's all a scam for more money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I do read all contracts before signing.. I don't expected them to give me anything..

the store I took her too is the problem.. I should have never sat there for 2 hours each time I went .. that's insane.. I wanted them to prove they did the services they claimed to have done.

In which they couldn't when the manager returned my call .. all she could say was they hired a new vet and he was taking long with everyone. If you hire someone new you should explain to your client it may take longer than usual. I also talked with another vet and they agreed the dewormer was most likely the reason she vomited all night..

banfield said there was no way it was the dewormer. I was willing to pay for the uti and xray if needed but not for an exam that I wasn't witness to.

I still will take her for vaccines but I will not take her if she's sick bc I don't feel comfortable there. I should have never switched vets.


Read ANY contract before you sign it. I've been on a wellness plan for years, and I've had nothing but good experiences.

You may have only been on your plan for 3 days, but they already performed several discounted services on your pet with the understanding that you were on a wellness plan.

I don't think having to pay for the medical services your pet received is really all that unreasonable. It's not a scam to ask you to pay for the services they performed.


You signed a contract - you can't just cancel it without paying for services already rendered. Your pet had multiple exams, bloodwork, and likely some other services.

If you want to cancel the plan, you have to pay full retail value of the services your pet had. You can't just ask for a "refund" of what your pet received. Sorry, it's a contract. I suggest you read what you sign next time.

I really don't see what is so unfair about asking you to pay for the cost of your visit if you want to cancel your plan.

Do you expect to have all those visits and services for free? Doesn't work like that.

Banfield Pet Hospital

AK605, Leslie137, We apologize if you are unhappy with your Wellness Plan; to clarify our Wellness Plans are preventive services packaged together at a discounted price with the convenience of a 12-month financing option. When a client wants to cancel their plan throughout the year of the package we simply ask they either pay for the services already used at full retail cost or the remaining payments, whichever is less.

In other words, customers who do cancel are not asked to pay for services that they haven't already used. If you have any questions please contact our Wellness Plan Team at 866-649-2716 or email at, thank you.