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I wished I had found this website before I brought both my HEALTHY cats to Banfield in Amherst NH. 8mos after their initial visit, both cats are dead.

both cats ended up with cancer, based on a 2-3 yr vaccines that was given, with one of my cats having to have his hind leg amputed, biopsied, poked and prodded and over all traumatized. All because I the pet owner wasn't informed of the side of effects of these mutiple year vaccines. When my husband and I questioned the vet regarding the vaccines as we were never told our pets were not being given yearly vaccines as we so clearly requested when we scheduled their appointments. We were told by the vet and I am quoting her "We can't always remember to tell every pet owner the side effects of every vaccine we give their pets" I can't tell you how dumbfounded I was, my husband actually walked out of the room, and out of the store as he was so angry.

After that first appoinment our nightmare began. Our pet sponge, had an open festering wound that smelled horrendous, and after taking him to be seen for it was told by the same Vet, that she didn't think his wound was infected. Referred us to NEVOG a place I recommend highly to be told by the Vet Oncologist there that absolutely his open wound where the injection was given was indeed infected and that after looking at his first of many biopsies that his leg would need to be amputated in order for him to live. Which we were then referred to an emergency pet hospital to have his leg amputated.

Sponged died 6 mos after his leg was amputated. My other cat Sam died one month before Sponge, he ended up having a massive tumor on his liver, which caused him to have heart failure. Prior to both pets passing away, we found a new vet practice who were absolutely wonderful in every way from the front office staff, to vet tech, and Vets, A cut above from what we experience with Banfield. We even called Banfield and told them we would never be back to transfer all our pets records to our new vet.

Do you know that Banfield called last week to remind us that Sam and Sponge were over due for their visits!! The person that called was lucky my husband answered the phone and not me. Don't get me started on their wellness plans, they suck.

I love the box that goes with this post value of your loss? NOT REPLACEABLE WHAT DOLLAR AMOUNT WOULD YOU PUT ON YOUR BELOVED PETS?

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there's going to be a class action lawsuit I have an attorney interested in taking it on in Washington DC

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi MISH65TOO - We are very sorry for your loss. We would like to speak with you when you are ready. Please contact our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or cat(at)banfield(dot)com.


The Banfield Team

@Banfield Pet Hospital

YOu're not sorry you scam artist F*CKS!!

@*** YOU BANFIELD!!!!!!!!!!

FYI this was not Mish65too who responded, Don't get me wrong I have no feelings of kindness towards Banfield but language like this gets us no where.

@Banfield Pet Hospital

To Bainfield Client advocate Team, I am not sure what there is to speak to you about, both my cats are dead..... There is nothing Banfield can do to make up for that, or bring back our pets.

Yet, we still receive reminders in the mail telling us it is time for us to schedule appointments for them. We have asked repeatedly to remove our names and address from your records yet just last week we received another post card asking us to call to make an appt for our pets.




MISH65TOO I have to totally agree with you. There is nothing to talk about other then what are they going to pay you for the emotional damage they have done.

I will be contacting an attorney in my area in the coming week so that I can try and shut them down once and for good. There is going to be no more changing names, they are going to get shut down.


Your comment is full of 100% LIES.


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