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First of all I would like to warn everyone not to go to Banfield because they dont care about your pet only $$$$. I had a chihuahua who I cared for and loved so much.

Never got sick till one day he accidentally swallowed a string from a blanket. I took him in to banfield and had an X ray done which supposely revealed no intestinal obstruction and that evenually he would *** it out and be fine. Next day he was very lethargic and vomiting so I took him back because obviously there was something wrong with him. they ended up saying he needed surgery or he was going to die.

I couldnt afford 1500 and they wouldnt allow payments. Even with surgery there wasnt a guarantee he would survive afterwards. they told me that if I couldnt afford to pay he was just going to die and that the only way to save him was if I gave up my right away to them. I was so upset at them and looking at my dog so ill almost dying couldnt bare to have him suffer longer so being desperate i decided to give him up.

I kind of felt like I had no options and felt that would be the best thing to do at that time in order to give him a chance to live. The only thing I asked for before doing what I did was to know his condition afterwards. They told me yes that would be fine and that if he made it he would be put for adoption. When I called back for updates on him they didnt want to release any info.

I was very pissed because they told me it would be ok to call and ask how he did after wards. its been a couple of days and still no calls returned from the manager. I found out by someone that surgery went ok but throughout the night he got worse and didnt make it. The manager is just giving me the run arounds.

Would like to know the truth and probably will never know.

very unacceptable on their behalf to act the way they did when all I wanted was my dog to live. God will punish them.

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of course you would be mad. You brought him in and they said he was fine when he wasn't.

They enlisted your faith and then showed bad faith. They lied to you. I understand why you decided to put him down! many people cannot afford that kind of a bill especially with our economy...never feel regret or guilt because you just didn't have the means and you were told he still might not make it!

many people would have chosen what you did! MANY!

don't listen to those people who do not understand your feelings/situation/ is clear that you were treated in a totally unethical manner by false promised/wrong initial diagnosis and unfulfilled promises...I know you loved your pet and you did the best you could do for him under your circumstances...wish that you will have peace and never feel any guilt and the understanding understand!!! Take care of yourself and know that you gave him a chance to live!!!


They tried to save your pet because you couldn't afford it and you're mad at THEM?

They used their own time and money to try and fix your dog.. and maybe try to find a home for him that could afford to keep him healthy..

and youre mad at THEM?

I am sorry about your loss, but looks like you are blaming the wrong people. Look in a mirror.

Banfield Pet Hospital


I am so sorry for the loss of your chihuahua. I know how hard it is to lose a member of your family, so my thoughts are with you.

On behalf of Banfield, I would like to refer you to the Client Advocate Team. This team will discuss what happened with you and help understand the situation better.

I hope you are doing well during this difficult time.


I'm very sorry to hear about your baby. I have to commend you though on giving him a chance and surrendering him.

I'm sorry they won't give you the details about what happened, but just know that you really did give him a chance. It's a hard thing realizing that your pet is so sick and it's not withing your means financially to fix him. However, you did what many people wouldn't. I work in a veterinary hospital, and unfortunately there have been situations where a client couldn't afford the care needed for their pet and when offered the chance of relinquishing their pet so that it could be provided with the appropriate care the clients adamantly declined this.

In most cases the pet was either euthanized later or passed away at home. However, in cases where the pet was given to us we always try to keep the previous owner aware of the condition of the pet up until the point that the pet is adopted. Most vets realize that this is a hard decision to make and is only done so that the pet will have a chance for a full and happy life.

Once the pet goes to its new home their is client confidentiality, but until then I don't see why the hospital couldn't keep you aware of your pets progress. Best of luck to you and thank you again for trying.