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I brought my 5 year old Pug in just over a month ago for his vaccinations, as well as a few lumps on his belly and rear end that were of concern. I am fairly new to Banfield, and have only taken my other dog (a 15 year old Chow)in for treatment of lupus. I have been working with Dr. Jordan with both of my dogs, and he seems like a knowledgeable and empathetic Dr. He treated my Chow beautifully, as he is living out his golden years quite comfortably. Let me mention that due to my own disables status, finances are very tight right now, but I do the absolute best I can to care for my animals. Anyhow, when I first brought Yoda in to discuss the lumps, it was determined that he had mast-cell tumors. We discussed possibly treatments that I could budget for, but the nurse did talk me into signing up for the wellness plan. Thinking that we could possibly get the tumors taken care of, this wouldn't be a bad idea for overall care. Anyhow, I hadn't yet been able to schedule the removal of his tumors, and my Pug fell quite ill a few days ago. Head tilt, lethargy, etc... I took him in immediately, and the Dr. suspected an inner ear infection. Considering the mast tumors, there's always a possibility of spreading, however - the overall signs at the time didn't indicate that it was tumor related. They sent me home with antibiotics and special calorie dense food to feed him. He would eat, but only by hand and I had to work to get him to drink. The following day, he declined, so I brought him back in. This was yesterday. Dr. Jordan suggested - and I agreed - to go ahead and keep him overnight for IV fluids and antibiotics. We went to visit my dog at 6:30pm last night, and he seemed a bit perkier, but overall lethargic (although he had just come out of anesthesia). I spoke with another Dr. this morning (Dr. Jordan was not in today) to see how me was. At 9:30am, he seemed to be improving, and they expected that I could take him home that afternoon (wanted to watch him for the rest of the day). I didn't hear from them in the afternoon, so I called at 3:00pm to see how he was. I was told by the front desk girl that he was ready to go and I could come pick him up. My 7 year old son and I were very excited that he was going know, assuming that he responded well to the fluids. Upon arrival, we were asked to wait and they'd let the staff in the back know we were there (please bear in mind, at this point, they knew I was there only with only my 7 year old son). Prior to putting me in a room, they had me satisfy my bill. They then put us in a room, where, after waiting nearly 5 minutes, the Dr. came in and told us, with no regard that I had a child with me, that Yoda was not doing well and that he was being kept alive on oxygen. I am trying to hold in tears as to not alarm my son, but was disarmed, not knowing how to proceed with him in the room and I couldn't send him out into the store on his own. The Vet proceeded to tell me that when they took him outside to "go potty", he was still ill-responsive and was very unsteady on his feet. He then noticed flickering in his eyes, and was certain, at this indication, that we were dealing with a brain tumor rather than an infection (particularly since he didn't respond to the antibiotics). As hard as I tried, I became hysterical along with my son, and had to call a neighbor to come meet me there so she could care for my son while I handled the issue with my dog. My husband was still about 30 minutes out, trying to make it as quickly as he could. My neighbor and son waited outside while my other neighbor sat with me as I held my dog, having him die in my arms. Please know that this complaint is not that I am dissatisfied with the overall care my dog received. Dr. Jordan is a fine Vet. I am absolutely appalled and shocked that they would "prepare" me to take my dog home, see that I have a small child in tow upon arrival, put on a perfect poker face to collect my money, and have me enter a room with a little boy expecting to take his dog home to only have the Vet come in and tell us he's dying. Had I been given any indication that the vet "needed to discuss something with me", I would have left my son with family or friends. By the time my husband arrived, our dog had already moved on. He was livid that my son was present, and let the staff know his feelings. Losing a pet is part of loving them, and I understand that, but the extra trauma put upon me to have my son learn the news in a way I would have never exposed him to amplifies my grief. Plus, I am now reading stories with the understanding that Banfield will continue to charge me the $40 a month for a wellness plan for an animal that no longer exists. This is only my first effort of putting my complaints into print. Banfield is next. I know that they cannot bring my dog back, but I, at minimum, want an explanation and an appropriate apology about their process.

The only economical damage was the $500 spent to treat him, however, that is to be expected. I don't blame them for attempting the treatment for an inner ear infection. I am on disability myself, and our household funds are not such where we have an extra $500 to handle these situations, but we made it work for our dog. Where I am heartsick is that I will continue paying $40 a month for a dog that cannot use the"wellness plan". I can't even transfer it to my other dog. There was no physical damage, but there was a level of emotional damage put upon my son. He understands death, however, he should have heard it from me, elsewhere, in a way that a mother explains it. He is now frightened of the Vet office, and, in turn, since it is located in our local Petsmart store, he will no longer go in there. The way they handled this was traumatic and will leave a long term, negative lasting effect on him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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So your kid took a lesson from the school of hard knocks... big whoopin' deal. You can't shelter your little prince from realties forever lady.


Since when did Banfield become a babysitter? If you didn't want your son present to deal with REAL LIFE then you should have left him with the neighbor.


Animel128 - please get over yourself.


Wow... I cant believe how horrible they were to you....

especially with your son being there. It sounds to me that they put on a lie to get paid. I was going to take my cat to banfield.. and now I will not.

I gotta be in the room... I dont trust people... and its like whats going on back there that I cant see? I used to work for a horrible vet like puleaze.

This Vet Jeff Clinebell of Columbia IL performed surgery on a dog that was hit by a car.... unfortunately the dog didnt make it... the poor thing.... I was a kennel helper and had to clean up the poor things blood that was left on the table and I couldnt help but cry a little and this guy was so hardened that he was laughing as he got the cadaver bag...

at first i thought he wasnt laughing about the dog... but i listened a little bit and he was.... how disgusting. People like this make me sick...

I think most men are *** anyways... I would always suggest getting a woman vet...

they are almost always sweet with the animals. What did your husband say to them?


I sincerely hope that PULEAZE is not really a veterinarian, as I would be ashamed to have this person in my profession.

This was obviously a very upsetting situation; that is understandable. Your complaint was fair and you also made a point to highlight the the positives as well. That tells me that this is a legit complaint from a reasonable person.

I am sorry for your loss. You will find that the greater majority of veterinarians really do love their patients, although there is always one *** per community.


I feel compelled to write one more follow up to my initial posting (although, this does not negate my comments to puleaze... I still feel their comments unnecesary).

I had a follow up meeting with the doctor and staff at the Banfield in question, and, now with some clarity made to the situation, I realize that they handled it the best they could and they do, in fact, care for their patients nad their families deeply.

I apologize that my distress caused me to publically chastize them and, although I know that there is a great deal of scrutiny re: Banfield on the net right now, I will continue to take my pets to them. I think both parties learned a valuable lesson in the process of our situation.


Pulease: I hope you are man or woman enough to let us know where (at least what city & state) you practice in. I for one would never cross your doorstep!

You are one of the most ignorant, rude & arrogant people I have had the misfortune to read about! This woman was correct in wishing to prepare her son about the coming death of a pet! Banfield did not handle this properly! Even your disgusting comment about her big-girl panties lets us know your simple minded mentality!

So, do you have the guts to tell us where you practice - or - do you only have the "guts" to do it anonymously? We shall see! To Animel128 - my heart & sympathies go out to you & your family!

Please pay no attention to someone who obviously has no compassion or understanding! Just be thankful & praise God he (or she) is not our/your vet!


Well... you are obviously a Veterinarian who has no appropriate bedside manner or social graces, and likely takes joy in juicing animals. How dare you criticize my emotional reaction to losing a family member in such a terrible way. What is wrong with you?

My big girl panties were on, ***. I loved my dog, and was emotionally destroyed to hear he was leaving us. Anyone who loves their pets feels the same way. And I've handled many pets passing on in my lifetime. My son has already been through the loss of three pets, and I had the opportunity to prepare him (even with a moment's notice). He is 7 years old and understands death. He does not understand why I told him our dog was coming home, then 30 minutes later, he was not. In less than a half an hour, we went from being told on the phone that he was fine and to pick him up, to showing up to pick him up and being told, with no warning, that he was, in fact, dying.

I called Banfield corporate to seek some advice (not to complain, necessarily), and even the rep that I spoke to was absolutely mortified, as a parent, to how it was handled.

So before you troll the internet, looking to rub salt in a grieving person's wounds, maybe take a walk or get a snack before opening your tactless mouth. I am someone who thinks before acting, and you, not unlike the staff at the Banfield I went to, obviously don't possess that trait. Maybe you need to change vocations (or are yuo too old and tired of your job at this stage in your life?).

Plus, look at the reviews overall on Banfield. I truly wish I had before taking my animals there. I feel that the doctors that tended to my dogs are fine practitioners... and I don't blame them for what happened (at least, not at this moment..was never told exactly what occurred in that short timeframe. I, like every single person that has heard about this, feels it was handled incorrectly.

Next time, please keep your callous thoughts to yourself.


Sounds like your 7 year-old had a lesson in life. I have found in my practice that calm parents begat calm children. Maybe if you had kept your big-girl panties on your son wouldn't have been traumatized?