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I just adopted my little Pomeranian, Becky, just a few days ago, only to find that she had a mild case of fleas. My first problem was that I still needed to wait a day to talk to the vet (Becky needed her initial exam).

That night, I did a research regarding the preventatives the recommend (mostly the first shield trio) and was concerned at what was in it (first shield trio). One thing that was good was the fact that they offered Comfortis. The next day, everything went fine for the evaluation with the vet tech, except for the fact that she did not scan for a microchip (that may be on my part, because I gave her the code, but still). Then, when the vet checked Becky's teeth, I was sort of told to change my wellness plan (it was formerly at Basic, then I had to change to Basic Plus, which was $100 dollars more.

They don't call it OW for nothing. When it came time for preventatives, I was not worried at the worm preventative, but at the flea preventative. I was SERIOUSLY INSISTING on Comfortis, but when the vet recommended FirstShield Trio on and on, i was about to start talking curse words (It's just a flea infestation, she's on worm preventative, we dont take her out a lot, and the Trio contains toxic chemicals is what i used to back up Comfortis, that and 5 hours of research. I was "forced" to use FirstShield Trio.

I treated that night, and she spent the night in her crate, getting dried. That morning, I looked around the web for info on the FirstShield Trio, and found 9x more bad reactions than good. I am just lucky my Becky did not have a reaction. In my opinion, Banfield offers advice for money, not for the true concerns of the owner.

Plus, two kinds of flea and worm preventative (total of 4 products)? Thats crazy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Ok, but I am now ok. My dog now has clean sparkling teeth.

I AM still staying with Banfield because the vet is truly nice, and all of the techs are nice.

The only thing is that when my dog is due for her next visit, I will ask if the vet can either give me some or fulfill a prescription for either Program Flavor Tabs (flea control, keep her on Banfield's Worm Shield) or Sentinel Flavor Tabs (total parasite control, I'm not getting my hopes up for this one, though). I now am feeling better for Banfield, but I still dislike First Shield and now, Comfortis.


that's funny, because comfortis is a lot more expensive than firstshield.... Not to mention that dental disease is the number one problem in household pets and a dental cleaning without the wellness plan is 250, not the measly 100 more which also includes another set of blood work (regular price 95)and a urinanalysis (80).

Sure, sounds like they're trying to make a buck.....

Sounds like research in the wrong area.... Just because the internet said it, does not make is true