Livermore, California

We found a horribly injured feral cat that was suffering and dying a slow death. It was clear that euthenasia was the only humane option. I called Banfield and explained the situation, asking if they would be willing to stop this poor feral from suffering, as I didn't know what else to do. They told me it would be no problem, I should bring the cat to them.

When we arrived, we were told that it would cost us over $500 to give this poor thing a shot! They turned us away, not caring at all about ending a suffering animal's pain...I could not believe what I heard! I will NEVER deal with Banfield Pet hospital for any reason.

It broke my heart to see that it was all about money (and quite a large sum at that)and that thay had no qualms about refusing to end this poor feral's pain - truly heartless. It was outregeous and totally unacceptable. Banfield vets should ruly tbe ashamed of themselves!

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They can charge whatever they want. It is a free country.

On the same token, any animal lover reading this story should avoid going to Banfield. The shot and time required cost a fraction of that, and this shows a lack of compassion on their part.


It's not a charity hospital but should not be charging even around $500 dollars - Banfield should know the difference b/w a domestic cat and feral, however you should have called your town's animal control - that's why you pay taxes! I agree with will, do not put responsibility on someone to do the right thing.

I work for PetSmart and they ask employees to contribute part of their wages to programs, perhaps this is something Banfield should look into.


pardon me, will I mean, not "bill"


but Bill, there is absolutely no reason why the euth should cost $500. That is ridiculous.

This person doesn't say whether that includes body care, or tranquilzers on top of the Euthasol, or Fatal Plus, or whatever brand of pentobarb that they use at Banfield. But still, 500 dollars is completely outrageous. Of course vets deserve to be compensated, but there is no way that is an appropriate sum to charge. I've been a tech for 8 years, and my vet charges $25 for euth, cremation with ash return is like $100, for a cat.

Without ash return, it's like $30. And that is pretty much the going rate around here, even at the most expensive hospitals, or the cheapest ones.


Banfield is not a charity hospital. Like most companies it will not give medical treatment for free.

Especially euth. a pet which involves controlled subst. which must be logged out for D.E.A compliance. So the euth.

must be charged. Try going to a human hospital and getting stuff for free.

Get a job and stop trying to get stuff for free. If the pet is dying and you want to do something pay to put it down, don't bring it to someone and put the responsibility on them to be charitable.

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