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I wish I would have researched more before going to BANFIELD with my dog. I have 2 dogs.

We started using BANFIELD a year ago when we got a new puppy and their wellness plan seemed like a good idea. Then 3 weeks ago my older dog (4 years old), naturally we took her to the same vet as we take the other dog. Our first visit cost me over 400.00, with no real resolution and alot of tests. She had bloody diarrhea.

They gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. They called the next day to see how she was and she seemed to be doing better. She finished the antibiotics and still had some diarrhea and wasn't eating very well, side effects of the antibiotics. We went out of town and when we returned she had started the same symptoms again.

I promptly called BANFIELD and expressed my concern and told them I do not have alot of extra money to spend another 400.00. I brought her back and they did another round of tests all negative and were not very helpful. She had lost 4 lbs already. Sent me home to wait for test results.

They called and told me they were negative on Monday and had no other recommendations. Tuesday she took a turn for the worse and was bleeding from the rectum. I called and they explained the situation, told them I really didn't have alot of money, I had already spent 800.00 there in a few weeks. As soon as I told them that they could not help me, referred me to an emergency vet that did not do payment plans and were the rudest people I have ever encountered, the lady on the phone actually said to me " don't be upset with me, I didn't put you in this position, we can't just give away free care", I wasn't asking for free just a payment plan to spread out the costs.

Finally I took her in to a well know vet in town, she immediately had surgery, had her secum removed and I was told that she would have probably had a ruptured bowel in the next day or do and would have probably died. Now I am over 3000.00 in debt to this vet, which I will gladly pay off over time as they actually cared and saved my dogs life. I am just beside myself that a nationwide company can not work their patients in emergency situations. I only wish I had known this before spending so much money and never getting any resolution.

User beware. This company is only out for the money!!! After reading all of the various comments all over the Internet I cannot believe that this company is doing as well as it is.

If you have a healthy pet they are great, otherwise.......GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! I hope people read this before they go the BANFIELD

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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To "idiots"

Vet tech posted from the same location at the same time and had almost identical things to say in every post. So you are calling me an *** because you think this is coincidental?

Who is the *** now? Oh yeah, it's you.


This thing lets you pick your display name. "Vet tech" is not original, it's probably not the same person.


Hmmm...Vet Tech you said in another post you made $12/hr, now it's $10? Your hourly wage is none of my business, but it makes me distrustful of what you have to say.


We do care about your animal believe me its not all about the money I make ten bucks an hour do you think I come in everyday for the money yeah NO I love helping animals! There are other options we offer care credit which is like a payment plan, we also have money that people donate everytime they check out its usually not much but we give it to people who are NICE and do not have attitudes and really want to help there pet.

My vets will work with you yes they are not going to pay your whole bill but they will do alot of stuff for free I see it all the time but again if you come in complaining and with a attitude why would they want to help you. Im sure in the begining they recommended doing lab work (blood work, x rays) and we see it all the time owners DECLINE it all well do you think my vets are psychic and can say exactly what is wrong with your pet no lab work is needed sometimes its not just to get money out of your pocket.



This is not the first time a hot dog warmer (the warming blanket) has burned a dog. About 9 months ago, there was a nationwide banfield alert about how to properly operate them and how to never leave a dog unattended on one.

The details of the other accident were not revealed, but it was clear that another pet was burned by one of these units 9-12 months ago. Obviously, there has been a problem with them.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Thank you for your feedback and for bringing your concerns to our attention. We hope your dogs is recovering well and apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way.

We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. o address your specific concerns, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.


"This company is only out for the money!!!"

Bingo. Banfield couldn't give a *** about giving your animals decent care. All you are is dollar signs to them.