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I took my kitten to Banfield for treatment when it was sick. It was clearly stated to the vet (Dr. Buchanan) that the problem with the kitten was that the day before he was experiencing lameness in his LEFT front leg. The morning that we took him to the vet he was experiencing lameness in his RIGHT leg. We made the vet very aware that he had received his first round of shots previously that week, and even asked her if the shots could have had any negative effect on the kitten's condition. She replied that shots don't have anything to do with his lameness. The vet seemed very confused and unable to diagnose the kitten at first. She left to consult with her coworkers. When she came back, she diagnosed the kitten with a likely case of FIP, a fatal disease, and recommended x-rays and tests to see if there was anything that they could do. Distraught about the potentially fatal diagnosis, my girlfriend and I decided that we had to do the tests and x-rays in order to attempt to do something to save the kitten's life. Banfield performed the x-rays and test and found nothing. They did report that the kitten was in extreme pain during the x-rays and needed to be sedated because he was hurting so badly. They said that anytime anyone would touch or move his legs, he would scream. When we picked the kitten up, I was getting the feeling that the vet did not know what she was doing and asked "Have you ever seen a cat with these symptoms before?" She replied that she had never seen a cat with this shifting lameness in its front legs before. We took the cat to another vet for a second opinion, and immediately upon seeing the cat, the second vet said that this shifting lameness in the cat's front legs is a common symptom of Feline Calicivirus, a common cat flu. The second (non-banfield) vet said that it is also extremely common for kittens to develop this limping/lameness right after their first shots! She went on to say that our kitten definitely did NOT have the FIP disease and looked nothing like a cat that has FIP. The cat was 100% better the next day (About 48 hours recovery time from initial onset of symptoms.) In addition, I also called another vet's office in Boulder and they confirmed that these symptoms are common in kittens after their first shots and are a result of Feline Calicivirus.

To further demonstrate Banfield's culpability, I have done some additional research to show that the Vets in their office made negligent and uneducated statements that led me to pay $593 due to their lack of experience and inability to make a simple and routine diagnosis given all the facts at hand. Please read the details of the common Feline Calicivirus and the associated limping syndrome at

Here are some very relevant quotes pulled from the Feline Advisory Bureau report:

"¢ "A curious feature of the association between FCV infection and the limping syndrome' is that the lameness is most frequently observed in kittens, and often following their first vaccination."

"¢ "Workers at the University of Liverpool investigated the association between the syndrome and FCV vaccination in detail (Dawson and others 1993). They found that of 123 vaccine reactions reported to them, 80 per cent involved lameness (either alone or in combination with other signs such as pyrexia, oral ulceration or respiratory signs. Furthermore, of the cats developing lameness after vaccination, 96 per cent occurred in cats less than six months of age, and 88 per cent occurred after the first vaccination."

"¢ "From an early stage, transient lameness was also observed as a clinical feature in some cats infected with FCV and it now seems clear that this is, in fact, a common clinical manifestation of FCV infection."

"¢ "Clinical signs were reported to resolve within 48 to 72 hours with no residual effects. "

"¢ "The precise cause of the lameness was not determined, although the authors reported pain on manipulation of joints, and generalised hyperaesthesia (pain or hypersensitivity to touch). "

"¢ "From the studies performed, and the number of enquiries regularly received by the Feline Advisory Bureau, it is clear that the limping syndrome is a common manifestation of FCV infection. It occurs most commonly in young cats and its severity can vary from inapparent arthritis and mild limping, through to severe polyarthritis where the cats are reluctant to move, inappetent and seen to be in pain when touched. "

"¢ "Most cats affected with this syndrome will spontaneously recover without the need for any treatment."

As you can see, the report details what should be common knowledge to any professional veterinarian. The Banfield vet was supplied with all of the details necessary to make a proper diagnosis, or at the least, to take FVC into consideration and mention it to us. This did not happen. The fact that she did not even mention that FCV "COULD" be the cause of his lameness and that we "COULD" wait 24-48 hours to see if the kitten gets better is inexcusable and negligent. It would have been our choice at that point in time, and I guarantee you that I would have chosen that option, as the vet had no other treatable diagnosis for the cat. This negligence in addition to the vet's statement that she had never seen these symptoms before in a cat makes it apparent that the Banfield vet was lacking proper education, training, and experience that is necessary to do her job correctly. Her diagnosis and recommendation of x-rays and tests was not even remotely viable given the circumstances, and it is highly inappropriate for me to pay for unnecessary services that were part of a diagnosis from an unqualified and undereducated employee. This is no different than if I took my car in and they replaced the motor when it was really the transmission that was having issues. In both of these cases, the client can not be expected to pay for gross errors made by the service provider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $593.

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Thank you so much for your post. I had a very similar experience with our kitten after her first FVRCP vaccination.

Four days after getting vaccinated, her right hind leg and left front leg became lame. She could hardly walk by the day's end. We took her to the vet (VetWerx in Denver, CO) at the onset of the lameness and were told she should have a full set of x-rays, testing for leukemia and HIV. We paid $90 for the testing and decided to wait a couple of days before spending hundreds of dollars on x-rays (having had cats all my life, I've seen them get better on their own most of the time).

As soon as my husband and I got home from the vet, he researched our kitten's symptoms and found that lameness is often a reaction to the first FVRCP vaccination.

When I had asked the vet about that possibility during our appointment, she said it was highly doubtful beyond 72 hours. She was wrong -- in every article I've seen, these reactions commonly occur up to 3 weeks following the vaccination and usually subside within 4-7 days on their own.

That is exactly what happened in our situation.

My kitten is now due for her second round of this FVRCP vaccine and I am concerned about the risk factor. We are now going to a new vet but she doesn't seem terribly familiar with this reaction either (despite coming highly recommended by a friend).

I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience and can shed light on what they did when it came time for the second vaccine?


I had the same limping in my kitten and Banfield took x-rays, said no sign of broken bones and didn't even mention possibility of limping kitten syndrome. They sent x-rays out to a specialist and we're still waiting to hear back from the "specialist" over 38 hours later!

Fortitude, let's talk! This is so frustrating. We got our kitten from the Humane Society.

They warned us of the cat cold possibility but not the limping kitten syndrome. I'm guessing due to vaccination liability!


Banfield needs to be BANNED! I placed a ten year old cat in a very nice home with a family that has never had cats.

The kitty started scratching their rug and they could not trim her nails. Without contacting me, they took the kitty to Banfield, so they would trim her nails for them. Banfield talked them into declawing the cat. Despite my contract, Banfield encouraged this family and told them that they declaw all the time and it is never a problem.

The cat was returned to me last weekend because it can barely walk and it cannot get in or out of a litter box.

Three weeks after dismemberment, the cat is in so much pain. Banfield needs to be put out of business.



these people need to be hung by their toenails.and shot


1. Written by oh dear, on 08-04-2010 20:28

oh my god i cant believe what i am reading about the banfeild in humble i have had problems with beth and art- in the past they are very rude and mean espiacialy art he has a very bad attitude he needs to go work somewhere else,becuase of him i took my pets somewhere else but know that i just read this article i think i iam going to look into legal matters how are they going to choke these poor pets maybe thats why our pets go in healthy and come out dying they are choking them.i have heard of pets dying from internal bleeding mybe these people at banfeild in humble are kicking them.?


2. Written by been there, on 08-04-2010 20:19

dont feel bad the one in humble,texas has nurses that kill your pets for free,let me name a couple,beth,arturo,and a doctor named gloria chavez,these people need to be fired or charged for animal cruelty the choke pets into submission,i have seen it first hand.


Banfield in Humble is a good vet but they find ways to jack up your bill by making you think your pet needs all kinds of tests to make sure that they don't have some kind of serious condition. My cat was urinating outside of the cat box and they suggested that we "do some x-rays and tests" even though it was probably just a urinary tract infection "just to rule out" [insert several terrible conditions here]. I was so worried about my poor cat that I went through with most of the testing but finally drew the line with x-rays after a urine test came back showing a "probable" UTI.

We purchased the expensive UTI meds and they suggested that we buy the outrageously expensive urinary tract food that they sell because it would help our cat's infection from returning. They also "offered" me some pheremone spray that would calm my cat and keep her from going outside of the box. I was under the impression that they were acutally giving me this spray until I saw my bill and realized that they charged me $45 for it and didn't even ask me if I wanted it or not. (It didn't work, by the way.)

On a good note, I did grab a big bag of that expensive food and set it up on the counter as I checked out and the lady didn't ring it up. I had to smile when I got home and realized that. :)


hi its me again just so we are all clear the hospital that beats and chokes the pets is banfeild in humble,texas


HI randys mom let me tell u somthing the doctors there dont care for your pets they just want the mony and as far as i know they do give you meds u dont need also did u know they choke your pets into submission espicially dr,chavez,beth and arturo,they are abusers,i have seen them beat the holy *** out clients pets especially beth,more when the dog or cat wont sit still for her to draw blood.


Yeah, Banfield is stuffed with a bunch of *** From the front office, to the vets, to the corporate administration and district managers. They are all in on the scheme to make Banfield as much money as possible with no regard for your pet. PLEASE USE A LOCAL VET and stay far away from Banfield, and while you're at it, don't support petsmart, as they support banfield - one of the most abhorrent corporations that we have in our country.


Banfield is a JOKE just stay away if you really care about your pet.


Banfield Liberty, MO I took my car there for about 3 years and every visit it was a new condition that required something special. The vet was concerned about tartar on her teeth and he cleaned them multiple times.

Each time costing me more money and I was upgrading my plan over and over. It got to the point we were brushing her teeth twice a day, special food and rinses. She was so stressed out she developed *** in her eye. I took her to the Banfield vet and to his credit he did suggest another vet the specialized in ocular care animals.

After getting the hole in her eye repaired by a wonderful vet in Shawnee Mission a few months later our cat passed away.

(She was 14) I called and canceled my plan with Banfield and thought it was over, no they later sent me a bill for 300 more dollars. Some how my "contract" got renewed on a dead cat and they expect me to pay the membership fees.


Banfield in Humble, Tx (59N & FM1960), SUCKS! My dog was a year n a half when after being outside for an extended length of time became extremely weak.

I could wait a full 24 hrs so to the doctor we went. Banfield's only concern is pumping our animals w drugs! The doctor barely examined him before telling me he had a genetic disease n he was only going to get worse. We were giving some junk n sent home.

We went to the ER behind Kroger off Business 1960, they were SAINTS! Dr. G n staff cared for every evening then finnally referred us to VCA n Kingwood to Dr. Rodriguez.

They nursed my baby back to health through a series of meds.

We are so grateful. I don't want to step foot back into Petsmart just because of Banfield.