I took my dogs to Banfield Vet associated with Petsmart Stores and their vaccinations caused my dachshunds to break out into hives and have severe facial swelling. They had to receive steroid shots, benadryl shots, anti-nausea medication, and continue with alternate steroids for 10 days.

The vet at Banfield said she is completely against the brand carried and she advised us to go else where.

DO NOT GO TO BANFIELD, I did further research and this has been occurring since 2002!

here is the news article I found:

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Oh also, to add to my comment below.

If your pet had an anaphylactic reaction (closing airway) then you absolutely need to do diph 15min prior, have an IV catheter placed and do another diph inj 15min after and leave the pet for a couple hours of monitoring.


There's a list of breeds called "High Risk Vaccine Reactors"

Dachshunds are on that list. It would have probably happened anywhere with any type of vaccine.

I'm sure they gave you the option to pay $20 for a diphenhydramine injection 15min prior to recieving the vaccines, that you declined. If they didn't, they should have. The diph injection is to help prevent the seriousness of a reaction in case it occurs.

For high risk reactors or even just small puppies, when I worked at banfield (for 6yrs) we always recommended diph and alot of times would split up the vaccines.

The vaccines that banfield uses are actually high quality vaccines.

Reactions cannot be predicted.

However, when a vaccine reaction occurs, depending on the type of reaction the manufacterer should be contacted as they will usually pay for treatment. I'm sorry but your complaint really isn't valid. As there absolutely no way to predict a reaction and it could have happened and probably would have happened, even if you'd gone elsewhere.

In the future I suggest splitting up the vaccines and having a diph injection 15min prior to any vaccine. The diph won't 100% eliminate the chance of a reaction, but it's less likely to occur if diph is done and if it does occur still, it wouldn't be as bad.


That was your dogs body causing hives. Some dogs and people have allergic reactions to vaccinations.

Symptoms include hives. Do you complain about medical doctors when a person with unknown medical allergy has a reaction?


No i dont. But i know to premedicate dogs with antihistamines who are known to suffer reactions.

And further more when bringing a dog with a closing airway to the vet you think they would consider it an emergency rather than asking for insurance and information first when they saw the dog an hour prior.

Also a warning would be nice just like doctors warn for side effects and reactions. Thanks


Many dogs and cats have allergic reactions to injection vaccines just like humans do. However, in both humans & our pets we are unaware of the possible allergic reaction until after the injection has been given.

One of my dogs broke out in hives after getting a DHPP vaccine yet the same vaccine was used on my other 3 dogs and they were fine and had no allergic reaction at all.


What vacs did the pet(s) get then


hope everything turned out good. i too own a doxy never had this problem. but breaks your heart when you see it

Reality check

I agree with non-Banfield DVM. There is no way to predict what dog will have a vaccine reaction.

While many veterinarians in Banfield feel that the Ft.

Dodge brand of vaccine has higher reaction rates than others, even the other brands result in vaccine reactions and this opinion is purely speculative. Premedication would definitely be recommended at your next visit to help prevent the reaction.


The reactions your dachchunds had to their vaccinations is very common for their breed and rarely deadly. These reactions happen every day in many hospitals, NOT just Banfield hospitals.

Your dogs can be given an anti-inflammatory shot in the future prior to their vaccinations to reduce the risk of this type of reaction. Please do not stop vaccinating your pets - I watch so many pets die horrible deaths from the disease these vaccines protect against!