Laguna Niguel, California

my dog had a wellness plan insurance through banfield hospital at pet smart .he had bladder stones removed 2years ago,was on special diet(urinary so ) the doctors were suppose to moniter his urine pH and keep it over 7 at all times,were suppose to moniter with urinalysis and x-rays to see if the special diet was working ?

my dog start having blood in his urine again, so i decide to take him to a different vet. did x-rays and found over 20 + stones in his bladder one in his urethra and one in his Os *** he needs another major surgery that could have been avoided ,all because banfield failed to moniter his x-rays and ph of his urine also found out that he had polyp in his bladder from 2years ago that they neglect to take care of or treated i found all this when i request his medical records from banfield to submitt and follow up with another vet.needless to say i took him there on a regular basis for preventative and *** .on 3 occasions from the urinalysis done his ph was lower than 7 .so I am pissed because i thought i could trust the vets with my dog now he has to have another surgery not to mention the big expense .i didnt need this extra burden in these difficult economic times .i wish there was a way i can make them pay for their neglegence .

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I have been reading Banfield reviews all day...I started out looking into their Wellness Plan, then reading what their consumers say. It appears that quality medical care for animals is a joke, money is the ONLY thing that moves them, that they less than stellar Vets, and non-trained help. I'd rather take my dog to Mexico than any Banfield clinic.

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